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A forum for comments, advice, questions, and specific job opportunities. Tracking of the latest posts on this website.


Our focus:

On this site, private sponsors, volunteers, refugee newcomers, and professionals will find:

  • Best practices, advice, and useful information to help plan and execute employment strategies;
  • An overview of opportunities in various work sectors worth considering;
  • Employment-related success stories that will inspire; and
  • Background information on the refugee newcomer and private sponsorship communities.


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More content to come

This website is still under development, with much more content to come. As we continue to expand our coverage, we’re looking for feedback and invite your suggestions, corrections, and stories to share.

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Getting started

When to begin discussing work plans; balancing English and work; dealing with expectations; using the sponsor network; understanding cultural differences; collaborating with an employment service.


Work to consider

A deep dive into potential employment sectors to explore with newcomers. Pros and cons; job titles and descriptions; entry requirements; training programs available; hiring prospects for newcomers; specialized English vocabulary.


Success stories

What does success look like? What's a good first job? How sponsors have made a difference. Sponsors helping to find work. Sponsors creating jobs. Sponsors collaborating with an employment service.



Where are these newcomers coming from? How many are there? Where do they live? What skills and education do they have? How many have private sponsor support? What special challenges do they face?



What's special about private sponsorship in Canada? Who's a private sponsor? How many are there? How can sponsors and other volunteers help newcomers find and succeed at work? How can I become a private sponsor or a welcome group volunteer?”