Last Updated: July 7, 2017

Defining “success”


There will probably be different definitions of success for short-term, part-time, initial, and longer-term jobs (full-time, post-Month 13.) These should be discussed with the newcomer, with a goal of reaching an initial agreement and a plan to revisit the goal from time to time, as the newcomer settles into life in Canada.


In defining success, it is very important for sponsors and volunteers to reconcile their own expectations of a newcomer finding work with those of the newcomer himself or herself. This issue may arise, not only when a family first arrives, but also as time elapses.


Of course, not every job will be “successful” on every level, but here are some criteria to consider in evaluating employment success for short-term work and longer-term work:


Short-term, part-time, pre-Month 13: