Last Updated: June 18, 2017

Training programs in various occupations


Listed below are various training programs offered in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Some of these programs include formal training in an academic environment, while others provide less formal training. These programs do not include a work experience component. The level of English proficiency required to enroll in one of these programs is also indicated.


See also: Bridge programs in various sectors, for apprenticeships in skilled trades and other programs which include work experience.

And see: Employment-related language training  for sector- and occupation-specific, English language training.


Food preparation

CLB 5 required


Miscellaneous training courses


Agincourt Community Services Association

CLB 3 to 5 required



Ontario Works Employment and Training Programs

People on Ontario Works in Ontario may qualify to take a skill training or employment program to learn new skills, explore careers, prepare for employment or learn about self-employment. Note, however, that refugee newcomers may only qualify for Ontario Works, as being in “financial need”, once they reach “Month 13” and are no longer receiving financial assistance from the federal government, under the Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP), or from private sponsors.


In the City of Toronto, Ontario Works training programs are coordinated through Toronto Employment & Social Services (TESS).


Employment programs and skill training courses offered through Ontario Works fall within four categories. The training programs are delivered through a range of third party organizations.