Last Updated: June 18, 2017

Specialized English work vocabulary – Landscaping


We recommend to sponsors that they encourage newcomers interested in working in the landscaping sector to pursue a combination of the following, in order to increase their familiarity with useful English vocabulary:



Digging tools

Auger Hole digger Shovel Tiller
Digging bar Pick Spade

Gardening tools

Chainsaw Hoe Pitchfork Stake driver
Chipper Hose Rake Tamper
Cultivator Lawn mower Roto tiller Tiller
Cutter Leaf blower Shredder Weed eater
Edger Log Splitter Sod lifter Weeder
Hand Trowel Nozzle Sprinkler


Construction hand tools

Blade Level Pliers Socket
Chalk Mitre Robertson Spanner
Chisel Nail gun Rule String
Clamp Pencil Sand paper Tape measure
Drill Phillips head Sander Vice
Hammer Plane Screwdriver Wrench


Shears & pruning hand tools

Hedge Clippers Loppers Pruning shear Tree Pruners


Large power tools

Air compressor Jack hammer Mixer Pressure washer


Heavy equipment

Backhoe Forklift Front loader Snow plow


Other equipment

Heater Pump


Safety equipment and clothing                                            

Brace Glasses Jacket Uniform
Coverall Gloves  Knee protection
Dust mask Hard hat Poison
Ear protection  Harness Safety
First aid kit Helmet Steel toed boots


Snow & Ice-related                                                                

Salt Scraper Shovel Spreader


Striking tools                                                                          

Axe Mallet Pick Sledge Hammer


Wheelbarrows & yard carts                                                 

Cart Lawn spreader Wheelbarrow



Applicator Hinge Nut Tape
Bolt Hook Rope Wire
Clamp Nail Screw
Glue Nail gun Staple


Construction materials & parts                                            

2 x 4 Electric outlet Light fixture Steel
Brick Glass Lumber Stone
Cement Gravel Metal Wood
Cement block Insulation Pipe
Drain Iron Plastic


Soils & Amendments                                                             

Bark Earth Mulch Soil



Architecture Digging Leveling Removing
Building Dumping Lighting Scraping
Carrying Dripping Mixing Sealing
Cleaning Evaporating Painting Shoveling
Clearing Hardening Planning Soaking
Construction Melting Plumbing Stacking
Demolition Setting Pollution Stripping
 Design Heating Pruning Watering
Irrigating Removal Welding Aerating
Fertilizing Cultivating Blowing Clipping



Centimeter Inch Millilitre Pound
Feet Litre Millimeter Yard
Gallon Meters Ounce



Bush Grass roots Tree stump
Cedar grass Root Vine
cone leaf Seed Weed
Fir nutrients Shrub
Flower Pine stem
fruit Pine needle Tree


Land forms                                                                              

Berm Garden bed Rock Trough
Earth Hill


Construction terms                                                             

Column Form Portico Swimming pool
Façade Patio Stair Wall
Fence Pond Step



Away East North Top
Bottom Far Over Under
Close Near South West



Barbecue/BBQ Fire pit Pathway Retaining wall
Deck Fireplace Patio
Fence Fountain Pond



Cloud Humid Snow Wet
Condensation Ice Storm Wind
Dry Rain Sun
Hail Slippery sunlight



Reflecting Rough Shiny Smooth



Barrel Bucket Ladder Radio
Battery Charger Pail Stand
Bench or workbench Electric outlet Pallet Tool set
Bin Extension cord Power tool View
Broom Extension ladder Propane tank