Last Updated: June 5, 2017

Types of employers in landscaping


For a more in-depth discussion of job opportunities in the landscaping sector, see the website of Green Careers Canada. The types of employers, as outlined on that website, include:



Other sectors closely related to landscaping


Horticulture in the Nursery Trade

Employment in the nursery trade includes many different areas of specialisation, including unskilled work planting, transplanting, maintaining and organising nursery stock; loading and transporting stock to retailers and job sites; planting and transplanting large trees with heavy equipment, although the equipment itself, is handled by trained operatives.


Plant and tree nurseries are almost always located out of urban areas, on large acreage.  Many of the larger nurseries employ migrant workers for the growing season, providing accommodation for their workers ‘on the spot’.  A few workers carry through the whole year – seeding, potting and organising in greenhouses.


Retail outlets are usually closer to, or right in, town.  Workers in retail mostly need good language skills, but ‘back-room’ workers who clean, organise and water plants and load/unload plants (some of which are large and heavy, requiring significant strength) may manage with lesser facility in English.  These jobs are almost all seasonal.


Landscape contracting and landscape maintenance are highly entrepreneurial. After a number of years working in the field, a newcomer with sufficient English and good entrepreneurial skills and sales ability, might be able to launch his or her own business, especially related to residential garden maintenance. However, because there are no barriers to entry, competition is likely to be significant.