Last Updated: June 9, 2017

Comparison to size of Syrian population in Canada as of 2011

As of January 29, 2017, a total of 40,081 Syrian refugees had been settled in Canada since November, 2015. We estimate that this number may grow to between 48,621 and 52,671, by the end of 2017.


By comparison, according to the Government of Canada’s 2011 National Household Survey, the total number of Syrians of ethnic origin residing in Canada four years before the current wave of Syrian refugees began arriving in Canada, was 40,840.


Education, workforce participation, employment rates and income of Syrians in Canada in 2011

Of those aged 25–54 years of age, relevant to employment issues, the survey found that in 2011:



The current wave of Syrian refugees, which began in November, 2015, more than doubled the Syrian population in Canada of six years prior (2011).


The current wave includes a high percentage of Government-Assisted and Blended Visa Office Referral refugees, who tend to have less education, fewer skills, and lower English language proficiency, on arrival, than Privately-Sponsored Refugees and, in all likelihood, compared to earlier-arriving non-refuge Syrian newcomers.


Given that in 2011, Syrians in Canada and particularly Syrian women were underrepresented in the workforce, experienced higher unemployment rates and had lower incomes than the general population, there is all the more pressing need to help those in the current wave of Syrian refugees to find the best work possible.