Headline Media Date Excerpt
Immigrant comedians crack up Canadians — and stereotypes. CIC News Dec. 5/19 “With the storytelling, we can connect more, we know ourselves more,” Carol Zoccoli told an audience while hosting her immigrant comedy show in Toronto called Comedy as a Second Language. “We are here to build this culture together—right? And make fun of white people, of course.”
New citizen Tareq Hadhad has ambitious plans for his Peace by Chocolate. The Chronicle Herald Dec. 4/19 Hadhad has great ambitions for Peace By Chocolate. With their products already across Canada he wants to enter the American market. He wants to become one of this country’s biggest chocolate companies in five years.
Who Is Succeeding in the Canadian Labour Market? Predictors of Career Success for Skilled Immigrants. WES Dec./19 WES conducted a survey-based study to examine predictors of skilled immigrants’ career success. They examined the demographic characteristics of skilled immigrants as well as their experience and education, and studied how these factors affect their labour market outcomes.
They come from around the world for a better life in Canada. How are they faring in the job market? . Toronto Star Dec. 4/19 A survey by World Education Services of 6,402 skilled immigrants found 80 per cent of respondents were employed, most in permanent jobs, but only 39.1 per cent had positions with duties similar to what they had before immigration.
Canadian immigrants more overeducated for jobs than U.S. counterparts: StatsCan. iPolitics Dec. 3/19 Recent immigrants in Canada with a university degree were more likely to be over-educated for their jobs compared to immigrants in the United States, a new study from Statistics Canada has found.
From a Stall in San Diego, a Somali Tailor Weaves a New Life. New York Times Nov. 30/19 Ali Awow fled civil war at home and spent a year in a refugee camp in Kenya before making his way to Southern California. Now he is running a custom clothing shop.
Calgary-based Syrian soap company to open location at West Edmonton Mall.
Nov. 27/19 The owner of a company that crafts soap using techniques perfected hundreds of years ago in Syria is expanding his business to Edmonton this week.
Looking for a job in Ontario? Change is coming to the services that help you.
Toronto Star
Nov. 25/19 The Ontario government is overhauling its program supporting job seekers following scathing reviews from the auditor general that found Employment Ontario was “not effective” in finding workers full-time work.
Are Refugees Good for Canada? A Look at Canadian Refugee Integration.
Nov/19 Are Refugees Good for Canada? A Look at Canadian Refugee Integration, with statistics on unemployment; income; paying taxes; skill levels; and entrepreneurship. (The answer, of course, is “Yes”!).
Toronto immigrants face ‘thick glass ceiling’ when it comes to executive jobs, study finds Toronto Star Nov 21/19 Immigrants may have made progress reaching the first rung on their career ladder in Canada, but they are getting nowhere near the C-suites, a new report says.
Lancaster Spotlight, Part 2: A Refugee’s Tale NPR Nov. 20, 2019 After spending a decade in refugee camps in Kenya, a Somali refugee and his family resettled in Lancaster City, Pennsylvania. This 10 minute audio report explores how the county’s prosperous economy makes it possible for refugees to thrive. And in return, how these thriving refugees feed back into the success of Lancaster’s economy.
Whistler, B.C.-based man a consultant on new Sesame Street series aimed at refugee children CBC Nov. 19, 2019 Mohammad Aljamousl, a Syrian refugee who arrived in Canada earlier this year, worked as a consultant on an Arabic version of Sesame Street aimed at refugee children.
Program arms women with credentials in fight against poverty Toronto Star Nov. 16/19 A newcomer woman from Peru, now living in Toronto, is finding success after going through YWCA’s Commercial-Residential Painter Decorator Pre-Apprenticeship program, part of its larger Women in Trades program.
Newcomers receive relief in their struggle to find work Toronto Star Nov. 16/19 One of the dominant stories about newcomers to Canada a decade or so ago was the professional — a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer — driving a cab or delivering pizza or working behind the counter at Tim Hortons. This only partly mythical figure has faded in recent years, but the issue of credentials and certification hasn’t gone away.
They came here as immigrants. Now, they’re giving back by leasing a huge property to the city to house Toronto
Nov. 10/19 When four business partners — all immigrants who fled chaos in Iran in the 1980s — saw a City of Toronto notice looking for a site for a temporary refugee shelter, they immediately responded and offered a decommissioned Toronto Hydro building.
Immigrants more likely to start a business and create jobs than those born in
CIC News
Nov. 8/19 BDC study shows more immigrants are starting businesses in Canada.
Hamilton Community Foundation Invests $1 Million in Windmill Microlending’s Innovative Community Bond
Windmill Microlending
Nov. 7/19 Windmill Microlending, a microlender for newcomers to Canada, has received a $1 million investment from Hamilton Community Foundation. This investment will enable Windmill to offer 200+ loans, changing the lives of more than 200 internationally educated immigrants and refugees and their families. .
Syrian refugee turns to food to rebuild his life in U.S. CTV Nov. 2/19 An inspiring story about a restaurant started by a Syrian newcomer in New York City, that could just as easily have taken place in Toronto or elsewhere in Canada.
Job fair specifically for refugees gives hope to those having trouble finding work
Oct. 31/19 Many newcomers receive multiple offers at Thursday’s event at Toronto’s Metro Hall.
Children of Poor Immigrants Rise, Regardless of Where They Come From
New York Times
Oct. 28/19 “A pattern that has persisted for a century: They tend to outperform children of similarly poor native-born Americans.” The experience of newcomers to Canada and their descendants is probably similar to those in the United States. .
A Somali refugee just became the director of the Seattle clinic where she was cared for as a child.
Oct. 26/19 “I’m not this exceptional human being,” Ibrahim said. “There are millions of refugees right now who are not being given the opportunities that I have been given. And if they were, they would do incredible things.”
Laurier prof supports Syrian student as former refugee
Waterloo Region Record
Oct. 25/19 A Syrian refugee newcomer pursuing her Master’s degree in Kitchener gets support from a professor who was, himself, a refugee from Vietnam in the 1970s.
$500 worth of hope for Venezuelan newcomer
Oct. 23/19 With the help of a small scholarship, this refugee newcomer in London, Ontario is now studying Fitness and Health Promotion at Fanshawe College and hopes to pursue a University degree in a health related field in the coming years.
London agency showcases immigrant entrepreneurs in new campaign The London Free Press Oct. 15/19 Kay Habib, an interior designer and owner of Skilled Accents in London, Ontario, an immigrant herself from Pakistan, started her own an interior design business. In 2018, she began rescuing discontinued fabric samples and swatches to manufacture decorative pillows. Her company now has a showroom in northwest London and employs nine Syrian and Iraqi refugee women.
Cisco Canada’s CEO fled Lebanon to find success here. We need to lower the barriers to newcomers so others can follow in her footsteps.
Toronto Star
Oct. 14/19 Rola Dagher, arrived in Toronto as a refugee with no money and a 10-month-old baby, when she was 17. Now, as a grateful Canadian and business leader, she cannot preach enough how critical diversity is to business.
‘If a man can do it, a woman can’: Quebecer breaking barriers in construction
Oct. 10/19 A Canadian immigrant is breaking gender stereotypes on construction sites as she helps rebuild Quebec’s largest interchange… The 35-year-old arrived from China in 2007, “with two suitcases” and a diploma in computer sciences. .

Soufi’s restaurant to reopen Friday, refusing to give in to hate in wake of death threats

Toronto Star
Oct. 10/19 “We do not wish to set a tragic example for future immigrants and refugee business owners as a business that gaved in to hate. We want to foster hope in the face of intimidation and hostility.”

Paramount Fine Foods CEO offers to help Syrian restaurant reopen after death threats

CTV News
Oct. 9/19 The CEO of Paramount Fine Foods is offering to help the owners of a popular Syrian restaurant in Toronto reopen after they permanently closed because of death threats their family and staff received.

Syrian family closes restaurant, confirms son was target of death threats after political protest

Toronto Star
Oct. 8/19 “We could not put our family members, staff and patrons in danger,” family says in announcing closure of Soufi’s, a Queen Street West eatery.

Trying to earn money driving for Uber or Lyft? Pay attention to timing and location

Globe & Mail
Oct. 8/19 Tips for rideshare drivers.

The boss who rescued 300 Syrian refugees

Oct. 7/19 A profile by the BBC. Jim Estill has now sponsored 89 refugee families and given jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities to many of the 300 individuals.
The Power of Good Intentions. Univerity of Toronto Magazine Oct. 2/19 Canada’s program of private refugee sponsorship has been held up as a model for the world. Could it be even better?
As a White Helmet, she spent years saving lives in war-torn Syria. Now she’s building a new life in Canada Toronto Star Oct. 6/19 More than a year after more than 100 White Helmet volunteers and their families were whisked out of Syria through Israel and into Jordan in a high-profile international rescue, one of them is slowly building a new life with her husband, in Hamilton, Ontario.
How an immigration scheme steers newcomers into Canadian trucking jobs – and puts lives at risk Globe & Mail Oct. 5/19 Immigration consultants and trucking firms with sketchy safety records have found ways to exploit foreign job seekers, sometimes with tragic results when unprepared drivers are sent out on the road, a Globe investigation finds.
‘We think of them as cash cows.’ International students want to immigrate, but colleges, employers want to boost their bottom lines
Toronto Star
Sep. 27/19 One of a series of excellent articles, jointly written by the Toronto Star and St. Catharines Standard. This story talks about employment of international students while still on student visas, as well as their paths to permanent residency and employment after graduation. Community colleges feature prominently in the process.
Syrian refugee’s farm thrives with Middle Eastern crops 4 years later
Sep. 26/19 Three years ago, a Syrian farmer fled to Calgary with his family, unable to speak English and with no job prospects. However, with the help of a benefactor, he set up a small farm and has since grown it almost four-fold with Middle Eastern crops.
‘I’ve given up everything.’ Explosive growth in international students comes at a steep cost Toronto Star Sep 25/19 “[I]n 2007, studying in Canada wasn’t a pathway to residency. Back then, students were coming to Canada’s career-focused colleges to learn skills to meet the labour needs of their own countries. Today, they’re coming here to meet our labour needs, spurred by the 2014 federal strategy that treats students as prospective immigrants… [I]mmigration applications from international students have skyrocketed, and the number accepted has risen from 30,000 in 2016 to 54,000 in 2018.”

Refugee trains his smartphone camera on Guelph as an example to the world

Sep. 24/19 Now living in Guelph as a refugee, an Iraq-born refugee newcomer is using the skills he learned as a video journalist and academic in his home country to showcase his newly-adopted country, with the hope of making a difference here and back home.
How Do Sponsors Think about “Month 13”?
Sep 23/19 The supposed ideal is that, by month 13, newcomers are employed and living independently in Canada, as productive members of society. The reality is messier. The objective in this articleis to offer an account of how sponsors think of their job, in relation to month 13.
What Role Does Type of Sponsorship Play in Early Integration Outcomes? Syrian Refugees Resettled in Six Canadian Cities
Sep 23/19 A scholarly report of findings from 1,921 newly arrived adult Syrian refugees in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.
How a newcomer from Syria opened Calgary’s newest flight simulation centre Toronto Star Sep. 19/19 Syrian refugee opens Alta.’s first flight simulation centre, after completing a government self-employment program.
Syrian immigrant opens Alta.’s 1st flight simulation centre CTV Sep. 19/19 Syrian refugee opens Alta.’s first flight simulation centre, after completing a government self-employment program. (2 minute news clip.)
Saskatchewan significantly expands list of eligible in-demand occupations Canadian Immigration Newsletter Sep. 18/19 Saskatchewan significantly expands list of eligible in-demand occupations for Immigrant Nominee Program. More than 200 occupations may now be eligible after overhaul.
Immigrant wage gap costing Canada $50-billion a year in GDP: report Globe & Mail Sep. 18/19 The growing wage gap between immigrants and Canadian-born workers has hit a new high, with new Canadians earning 10 per cent less on average, says a new report.
Struggling to regain doctor’s status, newcomer saves man’s life on bus CBC Sep. 10/19 The story of a newcomer doctor from Liberia saving a fellow passenger on a bus in Ottawa. Since arriving in Canada eight months ago, she has been trying to get accreditation to practice medicine here and become a permanent resident. Meanwhile, she’s been volunteering to get her foot in the medical system in Canada.
Refugee turned inner-city principal wants to make an impact on next generation of students CBC Sep. 5/19 Forty years after landing in Canada as a refugee, Vinh Huynh is in a position to impact the lives of inner-city children in Winnipeg who were once in his shoes. .
How a social enterprise is employing refugee women ⁠— and keeping waste out of landfill CBC Sep. 4/19 Nine women in London, Ontario, are turning scrap fabric into accent pillows through Skilled Accents.
Cooking Eggs in the Morning and Shucking Oysters at Night, Thanks to an App New York Times Sep. 1/19 Gig workers are nothing new in the restaurant world. Every day, contractors on bikes and scooters deliver food for Uber Eats and DoorDash. But in a growing number of kitchens, contract workers now make the food, too.
From newcomer to settlement counsellor: Edmontonian bridges gap between cultures Global News Aug. 29/19 As a new Canadian once herself, an Edmonton settlement counsellor strives to make the transition to a new home easier on fledgling Edmontonians.
Why we need an ‘Ontario regional immigration strategy’ Toronto Star Aug. 29/19 Immigration makes the GTA one of the most culturally vibrant regions in the world, and economically and fiscally healthier than the rest of Ontario. But it would be beneficial to identify how to encourage more immigrants to build a life in other parts of the province. .
Small cities give Syrian refugees better start, big ones offer better future CBC Aug. 26/19 When it comes to a community’s ability to help refugees settle into life in Canada, it turns out that size does matter, says a University of Alberta researcher.
Golden ticket and culture shock: Refugee students start over in Vancouver CBC News Aug. 27/19 Rare scholarship gives refugee students education and permanent residency. But transition is hard.
The world has turned on Syrian refugees Maclean’s Aug.23/19 It’s been four years since three-year-old Alan Kurdi died. Since then, borders have slammed shut and promises have been broken.
$7 an Hour, 72 Hours a Week: Why Laundry Workers Have Had Enough New York Times Aug.23/19 For some immigrants, owning a laundry can be a path to prosperity. But their employees, also immigrants, can get caught in a spiral of low wages, poor working conditions and social isolation.
Quebec has accepted 41 per cent fewer skilled workers in first half of 2019, statistics show The Globe and Mail Aug.23/19 New statistics show Quebec is making good on its promise to reduce its share of immigrants in 2019, but the province has cut deeply in the category of skilled workers, which runs contrary to the government’s stated goals.
How Uber Got Lost New York Times Aug.23/19 The once-swaggering company is losing more money and growing more slowly than ever. What happened?
Determining Policy Objectives and Eligibility in Economic Immigration Pathways for Refugees and Asylum Seekers Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration Aug. 22/19 A policy discussion paper, co-authored by Dana Wagner, director of Canada operations for Talent Beyond Boundaries. The paper, published in August, compares initiatives to enable refugees or asylum seekers to access economic immigration pathways in Canada, Sweden, and Germany.
Yazidi refugee-run farm grows tenfold, hopes to offer financial independence. CBC News Aug.20/19 A farming project for Yazidi refugees is growing into a sustainable food source — and hopes to nurture roots for their independence.
Canada urged to ‘step up and help’ more Central American refugees Toronto Star Aug.20/19 Advocates are disappointed that Canada has welcomed just 11 refugees in a United Nations program designed to help thousands of Central Americans flee a life of kidnapping, gangs and sexual violence.
Building our families and professional lives…together New Canadians Aug.19/19 Here are the stories of two couples, both from different countries, on their experience of going back to a bridging program tailored to their needs while also being able to enjoy the joys of family life in a new country.
Canada to grant passport waiver to Venezuelans caught in border limbo CBC News Aug.19/19 Immigration and Citizenship Canada has reached an agreement that will allow Venezuelans caught up in their country’s administrative meltdown to remain in Canada even if their passports and other documents are no longer valid, CBC News has learned.
Job Training Can Save Lives. See How San Antonio Does it New York Times Aug.19/19 The economic odds facing Avigail Rodriguez a few years ago couldn’t have been much worse. An undocumented immigrant and a single mother, she lived in a cramped apartment in a tough neighborhood in San Antonio and earned just $9 an hour working as a nurse’s assistant.
Skilled immigrants: Canada is making progress toward gender equality CIC News Aug.16/19 More and more women are finding themselves as the principal applicants in Canada’s Express Entry immigration process.
‘I’m just looking for a safe place’: Refugee with job waiting in B.C. faces roadblocks CTV News Aug.16/19 Ahmad Ebrahimi has been living in the overcrowded Moira refugee camp in Greece for almost a year and a half, after fleeing Afghanistan where he says his life was in danger.
As Quebec cuts immigration, businesses turn to temporary foreign workers CBC News Aug.15/19 As the Quebec government slashes immigration levels this year, it is also overseeing a huge increase in the number of temporary foreign workers coming to the province.
The Rise of the Virtual Restaurant New York Times Aug.14/19 Food delivery apps are reshaping the restaurant industry — and how we eat — by inspiring digital-only establishments that don’t need a dining room or waiters.
What It Takes: An immigrant’s journey from Zimbabwe to Canada. Global News Aug.14/19 This is the first of a six-part series by Global News intern Fadzaiishe Ziramba that tells the personal stories of six new Canadians and what it took for them to move to Canada. In this first story, Ziramba describes her own family’s experience.
Jose Rivera arrived in N.L. as a refugee. He’s spent the last 15 years welcoming others. CBC News Aug.14/19 Jose Rivera is usually very tuned in to what’s going on at the Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council (RIAC), but this week, he was out of the loop — and shocked when his colleagues threw him a surprise party.
Ride-hailing companies grapple with B.C.’s licence rules. The Globe and Mail Aug.14/19 Ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft have long fought to stop British Columbia from forcing their drivers to have the same licences as cabbies, but experts say this requirement will ensure this nascent sector rolls out in and around Vancouver slowly later this year.
Refugee women face unequal access to jobs. Hiring them could boost global GDP by $1.4 trillion CNN Aug.13/19 We are living through a global refugee crisis. In June, the UN High Commissioner of Refugees reported a record-high number of displaced people around the world, the highest in almost 70 years. And many refugees face restricted access to labor markets — they are often barred completely from working and earning an income. Women asylum seekers have it even harder: many women refugees face long-term poverty and high levels of sexual abuse.
Brock University, Niagara Folk Arts partner to help newcomers. The Brock News Aug.13/19 Niagara Folk Arts Executive Director Emily Kovacs’ story of immigrating to Canada in the 1980s is a familiar one to Brock University President Gervan Fearon.
Canada must adapt quickly to attract skilled workers, immigration minister says. CBC News Aug.13/19 Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says Canada must be quick to adapt and innovate in order to remain a global leader in attracting skilled workers.
Policy Objectives and Eligibility in Economic Immigration Pathways for Refugees and Asylum Seekers Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration Aug 12/19 A policy discussion paper, co-authored by Dana Wagner, director of Canada operations for Talent Beyond Boundaries. The paper compares initiatives to enable refugees or asylum seekers to access economic immigration pathways in Canada, Sweden, and Germany.
‘A sadness you can’t describe’: The high price of Quebec’s Bill 21. Maclean’s Aug.12/19 Amrit Kaur wanted to be a teacher in her home province. After Bill 21, she’s moving to B.C.
Six Keys to Make Your Next Job Fair a Success. ACCES Employment Aug.11/19 Job fairs are an opportunity for companies to meet and screen a large number of potential job candidates. But for you, the potential job candidate, they offer access to multiple job opportunities all in one place.
Trudeau vows to protect vulnerable people as Ottawa commits $26M for legal aid after Ontario funding cut. Toronto Star Aug.10/19 Vowing to protect Canada’s most vulnerable people against conservative cuts of any sort, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fired what felt very much like the opening salvo of his re-election campaign Monday — taking direct aim at Premier Doug Ford and making no mention whatsoever of the man actually vying for his job.
Syrians gradually integrating into Canadian society, latest report finds. Times Colonist Aug.10/19 Syrians refugees admitted to Canada under the government’s landmark resettlement program are slowly catching up to other refugee groups when it comes to finding jobs and connecting with their communities.
The world needs happy immigration stories. Canada has millions. National Post Aug.9/19 Last Saturday I awoke thinking about immigration. It was 50 years to the day — Aug. 3, 1969 — that my parents arrived in Canada as new immigrants.
Quebec introduces new personalized integration program for newcomers. CIC News Aug.9/19 As a part of Quebec’s new integration services, prospective immigrants will be assigned an immigration assistant officer that will follow their case through a step-by-step process.
Growing number of newcomers, refugees ending up homeless in Canada: studies. CBC News Aug. 9/19 A growing number of newcomers to Canada are ending up in shelters or are finding themselves homeless, newly released government figures show.
‘What we leave behind’: Refugees in Montreal paint a picture of their lives before Canada CBC News Aug.7/19 When Adnan Al Mhamied thinks about what he left behind in Syria, it’s the everyday things that come to mind.
‘The blessing means more than the money’: Refugee restaurateur offers free meals. CBC News Aug. 2/19 Habtamu Lamu ladles fragrant red lentils, cubes of marinated lamb and steaming hot peanut soup into cardboard takeout containers. On the first day of every month, from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., Lamu prepares delicacies from his home country of Ethiopia and serves them to people living on the streets of Edmonton.
Newcomer café puts love on the menu with ‘Toronto is for Everybody’ campaign. Toronto Star Aug. 2/19 Bilal Al Rasoul doesn’t even drink coffee, but his new life in Canada revolves around a coffee shop in the heart of Toronto’s diverse Kensington Market.
Germany Trained and Hired Asylum Seekers, Then Started Deporting Them. New York Times Aug. 1/19 Four years after he stepped off a train in Munich looking for asylum, Abdoulie Barry speaks German, rents an apartment and holds a full-time job at an outdoor sporting goods manufacturer. He is punctual and conscientious, his boss says, and pays taxes and welfare contributions.
Barbers in regulatory limbo as Ontario plans new trades framework. Globe and Mail Jul. 29/19 Confusion about proper training means some barbers unsure if they’re working under the law.
From immigration limbo to liberty: Canada sees surge of non-American migrants. Toronto Star Jul. 26/19 After spending almost all her life in immigration limbo in the United States, Paras Pizada can finally set down roots and plan for a future…in Canada.
Canada now issuing temporary resident permits to out-of-status victims of family violence. CIC News Jul. 26/19 Program aims to protect vulnerable foreign nationals by giving them legal immigration status in Canada.
Doug Ford government cuts are hurting immigrant and refugee communities. Toronto Star Jul. 26/19 My husband and I are expecting our third child next year and we are so excited. Yet, we can’t help stressing about childcare. The child-care system in Ontario is already broken.

Maxime Bernier’s false claim about Canada’s ‘subsidized’ immigrants.
CBC News Jul. 26/19 Maxime Bernier speaks at a People’s Party of Canada rally in Gatineau, Que., last fall. His party’s promise to limit immigration is based on false claims about the economic impact of new Canadians.

New immigration program opens door to undocumented construction workers in GTA.
Toronto Star Jul. 26/19 Ottawa has unveiled a new program that will offer both an immigration pathway for undocumented construction workers in Greater Toronto an help to address a labour shortage in the city.
Syrian Family Expands Middle Eastern Grocery And Clothing Business In Moncton And Saint John. Huddle Jul. 26/19 When Feras Al-Motaweh arrived in Moncton as a refugee from Syria in January 2016 with his wife and five children, they found that the options for Middle Eastern food and clothing in New Brunswick were limited. So they opened the Rabih Store to fill that gap.
Iraqi newcomer building bridges, fixing roads of Cape Breton. The Chronicle Herald Jul. 25/19 When he immigrated to Halifax a couple of years ago, the Iraqi engineer stayed in an Airbnb because he knew nobody. Now, he is building bridges and maintaining the roads of Cape Breton.
5 HIGH-PAYING ENTRY-LEVEL JOBS. VPI Working Solutions Jul. 22/19 Everyone has to start somewhere. But just because you’re starting at the beginning doesn’t mean you have to start at the bottom–at least in terms of pay. Entry-level jobs are the initial role that you take in a particular industry that will hopefully be the first of many in your career. And some entry-level jobs pay better than others.
Tareq Hadhad: Adapt your product to the Canadian market. Public Policy Forum Jul. 22/19 The CEO of Peace by Chocolate is on a mission to spread hope—and to be a major player in Canada’s candy market.
KPL career workshops help guide newcomer youth through future in Kitchener. CBC News Jul. 18/19 ‘Let’s Talk’ program helps newcomer youth navigate their new lives in Kitchener-Waterloo.
‘Small win’ for critics of Uber and Lyft as Toronto institutes mandatory training. Toronto Star Jul. 18/19 More than 90,000 Toronto drivers for Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing services will have to take mandatory training under new rules passed by city council Thursday.
What can the private sector do to alleviate the refugee crisis? World Economic Forum Jul. 17/19 Imagine arriving in a city, only to find that most (if not all) of the adults can’t work, start a business, or buy goods and services? This is true for most refugee camps in the world.
Community consultations underway for proposed Ontario Regional Immigration Pilot. CIC News Jul. 16/19 Pilot would support labour needs of employers in smaller Ontario communities.
Syrian butcher delivers the taste of success in his Halifax shop. The Chronicle Herald Jul. 15/19 For some people, the more challenging circumstances they face, the more success they achieve.
Starting a new business as an immigrant to Canada. Orangeville Citizen Jul. 15/19 Rates of business ownership are higher among new Canadians than the Canadian-born population according to research published by Statistics Canada.
No work experience? No problem: Small-town bakery teaches people with employment barriers. CBC News Jul. 13/19 Skeena Bakery celebrates a decade in business.
Paramount Fine Foods CEO provides work opportunity to refugees upon their arrival in Canada. CBC News Jul. 13/19 ‘A job for a newcomer or for a refugee is simply everything,’ says Mohamed Fakih.
Here’s where Canadians are finding well-paying jobs in the trades. CBC News Jul. 12/19 Canada needs more than 167,000 new apprentices in the next 5 years.
Immigrant careers should match their skill level. Toronto Star Jul. 10/19 The issue of the unemployment rate of educated newcomers to Canada in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) — currently twice of those with a similar background born in Canada — often overshadows another challenge for immigrants: underemployment.
Candy business brings traditional Syrian taste to southwestern Ontario. CBC News Jul. 10/19 It’s a gummy candy most commonly known as ‘shutti mutti’ with a soft, squishy texture and a sweet and sour taste familiar to many Syrians.
Can’t pay? It’s OK: St. John’s restaurant feeds hungry for free CBC News Jul. 10/19 Big Bite Pita provides free meals to people in need for an hour a day, 7 days a week.
Canada reopens the Interim Pathway for Caregivers Moving2Canada Jul 8/19 As of July 8, 2019, Canada reopened the Interim Pathway for Caregivers. This is an immigration program allowing caregivers to apply for permanent resident status in Canada. This pathway is temporary, providing a permanent residence option for caregivers while Canada rolls out two new caregiver pilot programs through 2019.
Canada’s Top 25 Immigrants of 2019. Canadian Immigrant Jul. 5/19 2019 winners.
How to build an educational plan to help newcomer clients succeed. CareerWise Jul. 5/19 Though they are frequently overlooked, educational plans are often the basis for success for newcomers.
New Canadians more optimistic than the rest of the country, poll suggests
CBC News Jul. 4/19 Newcomers are more likely to trust the government to do what’s right, and don’t worry as much about corruption.
On Canada Day, a Syrian refugee says ‘thank you’ to his new country Waterloo Region Record Jul. 1/19 Alaa Nafisa and his family came to Canada four years ago as Syrian refugees. They learned English and worked hard. Then, six months ago, they started a restaurant in Waterloo, called Naranj.
Sponsoring refugees called a ‘win-win’ for workplaces Toronto Star Jul. 1/19 uOttawa Refugee Hub and the Diversity Institute hope interested employers and eligible sponsorship organizations can take advantage of the Blended Visa Office Referred (BVOR) fund available in 2019, which will cover their portion of the sponsorship costs, made available with the support of The Shapiro Foundation, the Giustra Foundation, G. Barrie Landry and other private donors. They will also help guide employers and their workers through the process.
Syrian immigrant, refugees open new restaurant while pursuing new life in Canada Global News Jun. 30/19 A new Mediterranean inspired restaurant has opened in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, started by four friends who reunited after immigrating to Canada and fleeing civil war in Syria.
Employing refugees pays off for business owners The Kitchener Record Jun. 27/19 Refugees have an entrepreneurial spirit, using their diverse skill sets and talents to start businesses and create jobs for themselves and other Canadians, writes Dr. Mohamad Fakih, CEO and president of Paramount Fine Foods.
Local Immigration Partnership working with The Opening Doors Project to help newcomers The Beacon Herald Jun 25/19 Initiated by the Multicultural Association of Perth Huron, a group of newcomer service providers from across Perth and Huron counties have begun working with the Canadian Mental Health Association’s The Opening Doors Project to address social, cultural, and mental-health issues facing newcomers.
Meet the refugee serving up traditional Syrian ice cream at a Halifax shop Toronto Star Jun. 25/19 The story of a Syrian refugee newcomer starting his own ice cream store in Nova Scotia.
Ottawa moves to end employers’ monopoly on foreign workers Globe & Mail Jun. 24/19 The federal government says it would like to give migrant workers more mobility and freedom by allowing them to work for any Canadian business approved to hire temporary foreign workers, within a specific sector such as agriculture, instead of being tied to just one employer.
‘Tables Without Borders’ Opens Restaurant Kitchens To Refugee Chefs NPR Jun. 23/19 Professional chefs in Washington, D.C., were paired with refugee and asylum-seeker chefs this past week so that the refugees could give guests a taste of their home countries through food.
Why The Private Sector Must Help Refugees Forbes Jun. 20/19 Refugees are highly skilled, highly enterprising, and once successfully integrated into the labor market, they improve GDP. They also make great employees. Compelling though this economic evidence may be, the reason why we welcome and integrate refugees should not be pecuniary. 5 Things Your Organisation Can Do To Act Now.
New legislation targets foreign credential roadblocks Edmonton Journal Jun. 19/19 Engineers, architects, nurses and dentists educated abroad are among the targets for a new government office that would work with professional licensing bodies to simplify and accelerate foreign credential recognition.
Ebrahim, a refugee newcomer who studied law in Damasus is now at Osgoode Hall Law School Windmill Microlending Jun. 20/19 The story of Ebrahim, a Syrian lawyer who arrived in Canada as a refugee. Now a student at Osgoode Law School, Ebrahim will soon be working as an authorized law practitioner.
Calgarians concerned Quebec’s Bill 21 could lead to wider-reaching racism, bigotry CBC Jun. 20/19 Saymah Chaudhry says even though she’s thousands of kilometres away in Alberta, Quebec’s Bill 21 makes her and many others in Calgary’s Muslim community feel worried about the sentiment it might create.
How a Syrian refugee in Lebanon found his dream job in Niagara Falls CBC Jun. 20/19 Anas Nabulsi is only the second candidate to be placed in Canada by the Talent Beyond Boundaries project. As a tool and die maker, he has a very particular skill set. His resume was spotted in the talent database by the president of a tool manufacturing company in Niagara Falls, Ont., who flew to Lebanon to interview him.
Connecting skilled refugees with employers around world. Talent Beyond Boundaries Jun. 20/19 A visual primer to Talent Beyond Boundaries’ employment services.
A young Nigerian newcomer explains what it took to complete her coding studies and be hired at CIBC. YouTube Jun. 14/19 NPowerCanada graduate Glory Ogor’s describes her journey and how it led her to her current role at CIBC.
Farming project helps Yazidi refugees return to roots CBC Jun. 11/19 A Manitoba farming initiative aims to unite the Yazidi refugee community and meet their food needs.

Montreal catering company empowers Syrian refugee women
Global News Jun. 9/19 A catering company set up just over a year ago to help Syrian refugee women is growing. Les Filles Fatoush now has a kiosk at the Jean Talon Market where the public can purchase a variety of Syrian spices and dishes.
She lost her law career when she fled Syria. A new program in Canada helped her get it back on track Toronto Star Jun. 7/19 With a law degree from Syria and four years of legal practice under her belt, Talar Chitjian hit a wall when she tried to restart her career in Canada.<td>

Record-setting job numbers show why we should welcome more immigrants
Toronto Star Jun. 7/19 New numbers published Friday show Canada’s labour market is delivering new jobs, better wages and opportunity in every demographic. Here’s some even better news: Immigrants — recent and long-settled both — are a central part of the labour-market strength in Canada, a trend that points to receptive employers, adaptable skill sets among workers and smooth integration.

Syrian Refugees Launch New Social Enterprise In Toronto With A Mission To Promote Refugee Employment And Help Marginalized Communities
Cision Jun. 5/19 Seeba is a social enterprise painting company in Toronto that delivers high-quality painting services to homes and workspaces through experienced management and trained staff, offering affordable and competitive prices.

Why Syrian refugees are no longer an election issue
The Record Jun. 5/19 Syrian refugee newcomer family in Waterloo demonstrates the work ethic, determination of the new arrivals.

Syrian refugees serve up food from home
CTV Montreal Jun. 5/19 A Montreal catering company that employs Syrian refugee women has expanded.

CERIC May. 30/19 Many refugees who arrive in Canada are highly skilled, but have little access to evidence to prove their academic achievements.

Soufi’s Co-owners Shihnaz and Husam on Running a Family Restaurant with Love
Chatelaine May 24/19 Husam and Shihnaz fell in love in Syria 36 years ago. Fast-forward to now—three kids and one family restaurant later—they aim to share their love of food and Syrian culture with Toronto, one manaeesh at a time.

37% in Ipsos poll say immigration is a ‘threat’ to white Canadians — what’s the threat?
Global Television May 22/19 Several recent polls show that Canadians are increasingly critical of the country’s immigration policies. One common fear over immigration in Canada, as Simpson noted, is that those coming into the country will take jobs away from existing residents.

Syrian refugees pursuing the Canadian dream: opening businesses in Ottawa
CTV May 22/19 It hasn’t been easy, and Syrian newcomers are forced to overcome serious language and employment barriers, but early fears about how thousands of new families would cope were misplaced.

How Syrian refugees to Canada have fared since 2015
Maclean’s May 21/19 It hasn’t been easy, and Syrian newcomers are forced to overcome serious language and employment barriers, but early fears about how thousands of new families would cope were misplaced.

Immigrant workers only way to sustain Canadian labour force: Report
HR Reporter May 16/19 An aging population and low birth rate mean the Canadian population will not be able to sustain the size of its labour force by 2040, with 13 million workers set to exit the workforce, mainly due to retirement.

From janitor to entrepreneur: one Montreal immigrant’s experience
Montreal Gazette May 15/19 Braulio Rocha arrived in Montreal with next to no money. Six years later, he’s an in-demand photographer with an international following.

Six Ways your Company can Help Refugees
LinkedIn May 14/19 The Managing Director at Accenture Development Partnerships and the CEO and Co-Founder of NeedsList offer a menu of specific ways companies, large and small, can help refugees during their entire journey — from camps to settlement to employment to thriving in their new communities.

President Trump, Come to Willmar.
New York Times May 14/19 Opinion columnist, Thomas L. Friedman, has been trying to understand why some communities rise and others fall — and so many of the answers can be found in Willmar, Minnesota.

Luring Refugees: N.Y. Cities Desperate for People Try a New Strategy.
New York Times May 13/19 Over the past few decades, as a manufacturing decline left homes vacant and storefronts dark, New York’s upstate cities opened their doors to refugees. The influx, while modest, gave new life to neighborhoods, helped alleviate labor shortages and shored up city budgets.

Pizza place owned by first Syrian refugee to the Maritimes delivers slice of success.
The Chronicle Herald May 13/19 Less than four years after coming to Halifax as a refugee, Mohammad Al Habash is running a pizza restaurant.

This Winnipeg immigrant is coding for success in Canada.
NewCanadians.tv May 9/19 Meet Pablo Listingart, an immigrant from Argentina who is helping other technical professionals find jobs in the tech industry, by training them to be software developers at no charge.

Rebuilding his life, one pair of socks at a time.
UNHCR May/19 A short video about a Syrian refugee newcomer, who opened a store, Our Sock Shoppe, with the support of entrepreneur and private sponsor, Jim Estill, in Guelph.

From robots to restaurants: Refugee entrepreneurs pitch business plans in hopes of turning dreams into reality
Toronto Star May 9/19 Seven teams of Syrian refugee entrepreneurs were given a chance to pitch their proposals to investors through a joint pilot program by Toronto-based Refugee Career Jumpstart Project and Angel Investors Ontario, which aims to help them turn their dreams into reality.

Finding Common Ground
Sheridan May 6/19 A Syrian newcomer’s world changed in a myriad of ways when she relocated to Canada in 2017. The mother of three enrolled in an English Language Studies certificate program, before entering into the Social Service Worker (SSW) program. The two-year, community-focused diploma prepared her to help people work through diverse challenges and improve their quality of life.

Funds Now Available for Canadians to Sponsor Hundreds of Refugees in 2019
Cision May 2/19 The University of Ottawa Refugee Hub, with the financial suppport of The Shapiro Foundation and G. Barrie Landry, has announced the renewal of its successful fund to facilitate the sponsorship to Canada of BVOR refugees.

Syrian refugee integration study finds language skills, employment hurdles in settling
CBC May 1/19 From UNB’s Urban and Community Studies institute, Mikael Hellstrom conducted a two-year study, with a focus on Syrian refugee settlement and integration experiences in New Brunswick. One huge hurdle for immigrants is getting meaningful work.

Syrian Refugees Toil on Turkey’s Hazelnut Farms With Little to Show for It
New York Times Apr 29/19 On farms that produce 70 percent of the world’s hazelnuts for Nestlé, Godiva and Nutella, Syrians say they can’t earn a living wage — or much respect.

Why A Classic Levantine Dish Is Sailing From Canada To Syrian Refugee Camps
NPR Apr 27/19 Newcomer Kitchen in Toronto is bringing meals to displaced Syrian families in camps across the Middle East.
One-on-one with James Thuch Madhier CBC 23-Apr-19 An interview with the founder of Rainmaker Enterprise,a refugee newcomer to Canada from the Sudanese civil war. Rainmaker is a non-profit organization dedicated to tackling water supply in a sustainable way through clean technology in South Sudan.
How we can make the world a better place for immigrants with disabilities. Quartz April 19/19 We often forget to look at the full picture of immigration, in which people with disabilities should appear.
Refugee’s path to ‘dream’ food-truck business highlights challenges newcomers face in job market CBC 16-Apr-19 A Syrian refugee newcommer in Victoria, BC, has started a food truck, Kebab Me Crazy, after struggling to find employment since arriving in Canada in 2016.
Sewing program helps newcomers to Canada and furniture manufacturer EQ3 Global Television 12-Apr-19 A creative partnership in Winnipeg provides specialized sewing skills training to help bridge the gap between newcomers and an employer looking for highly specialized workers.

Join Kitchener’s Mohammed Hakmi, former Syrian refugee, on the walk to his first day at work.
CBC Apr. 3/19 This is a big week for Kitchener’s Mohammed Hakmi, a Syrian refugee who arrived in the region thanks to a special program that matches skilled refugees with jobs. This week, he started work at the local tech firm Bonfire.
She Wears a Head Scarf. Is Quebec Derailing Her Career? New York Times 2-Apr-19 Religious minorities in Quebec are reeling after the right-leaning government of François Legault proposed the law last week. It would prohibit not just teachers, but other public sector workers in positions of authority, including lawyers and police officers, from wearing religious symbols while working.
Culture Kitchen offers newcomers to Thunder Bay ‘great and nice opportunity’ to learn, belong. CBC 2-Apr-19 A unique cooking program, run by Roots to Harvest, is helping a group of women, most of whom fled Syria, adapt to their new life in Thunder Bay.
Refugees could be anything, as long as you give them the chance Waterloo Region Record 1-Apr-19 A Kitchener man who grew up in a refugee camp in Bangladesh is now advocating for education for Rohingya children in those same camps.
New market builds new life for Syrian family of refugees in Victoria. Victoria Times Colonist 31-Mar-19 A Syrian refugee family who arrived in 2016, opened Damascus Food Market in Victoria, BC in March, 2019.
Tech Skills Help Syrian Refugee Settle in Ont. CTV 29-Mar-19 A Kitchener company, Bonfire Strategic Sourcing, together with Talent Beyond Boundaries, have helped a Syrian refugee immigrate to Canada thanks to his computer skills.
New app gives immigrants a head start. The Georgia Straight March 28/19 One of the most life-changing decisions a person will ever make is to leave their home and move to another country.
Love in The Mix: Syrian catering company helps refugee women find community in Vancouver CBC 26-Mar-19 Mariam Herro and Maryam Hamdo work with Tayybeh, a Syrian food company that started three years ago.
Former Vietnamese refugee moves back to Hamilton to build a high rise CBC 25-Mar-19 Allen Le Nam came to Hamilton at the age of 16 as one of the Vietnamese boat people. Now he’s building a high rise in Hamilton
‘Canada is a dreamland’: Syrian refugee thrilled to start job at Kitchener high-tech firm Toronto Star 23-Mar-19 Mohammed Hakmi, 26, has packed up his life as a refugee and landed in Kitchener as the first skilled immigrant admitted to Canada through Talent Beyond Boundaries, a Washington-based NGO that matches refugees with employers desperate to fill skill shortages.
These Syrian refugees are giving their careers a makeover CBC 18-Mar-19 13 women in Ottawa completed the first rotation of the intro to esthetics program
Rethink integration, retention and how to speak to newcomers, symposium shows CBC 15-Mar-19 A look at how newcomer women can be better welcomed into our community.
‘Guildford is like my village now,’ says Congolese refugee who runs a tailor shop CBC 15-Mar-19 Ask Mayor Doug McCallum to list his favourite parts of Surrey’s Guildford neighbourhood and it doesn’t take him long to get to the heart of the community — the mall.
Canadians share most favourable view of immigrants, global study finds Toronto Star 14-Mar-19 Pew Research Center study shows Canadians have the most favourable opinion of immigrants among the world’s top migrant destination countries.
William Watson: Now we know how well Trudeau’s Syrian refugees are doing. It’s not good Financial Post 14-Mar-19 With hard work and determination anything is possible. But possible is not the same as likely. Even with hard work and determination, many people who start with such big disadvantages will face tough sledding.
Canadians share most favourable view of immigrants, global study finds Toronto Star 14-Mar-19 Pew Research Center study shows Canadians have the most favourable opinion of immigrants among the world’s top migrant destination countries.
Employers look to refugees to ease labour shortage issues Canadian HR Reporter 13-Mar-19 Guide promotes inclusive workplaces, accommodation of cultural differences
Quebec’s plan to reduce immigration levels won’t help newcomers, study shows Toronto Star 13-Mar-19 Quebec’s government plans to reduce immigration to about 40,000 this year, with the intended goal of better integrating newcomers.
This Program Is Helping Refugees Break Into the Tech Industry Yes Magazine 13-Mar-19 A coding school that grew out of the 2015 refugee crisis in Germany is helping women and people of color prepare for jobs in technology.
Employers look to refugees to ease labour shortage issues Canadian HR Reporter 13-Mar-19 Guide promotes inclusive workplaces, accommodation of cultural differences.
A New Home at Work: an Employer’s Guide to Fostering Inclusion for Refugees in the Workplace Tent 11-Mar-19 Practical guidance by Tent Partnership for Refugees and Deloitte for businesses and the private sector to include refugees in their workforce
Emploi chez les réfugiés au Canada: forte variation selon le pays d’origine La Presse 11-Mar-19 Une étude diffusée par Statistique Canada révèle que les résultats sur le marché du travail des quelque 830 000 réfugiés entrés au Canada entre 1980 et 2009 en provenance des 13 principaux pays d’origine ont considérablement varié d’un groupe à l’autre.
Peace By Chocolate The Atlantic 06-Mar-19 For decades, Assam Hadhad ran a chocolate factory in Syria, the second-largest in the Middle East. In 2012, it was destroyed in a bombing. After spending years in a Lebanese refugee camp, they were granted asylum in Canada.
Canada’s private refugee sponsorship program turns 40: Friendships forged by Vietnam War endure CBC 05-Mar-19 Ron and Clara Wiebe were some of the Manitoba Mennonites who helped Hoa and Lan Chau start a new life in Canada, thanks to a ground-breaking private sponsorship program that turns 40 on March 5.
‘Forever grateful to them.’ 40 years on, refugees still feel warm embrace of their sponsors Toronto Star 02-Mar-19 The Lee family was among the first wave of Indo-Chinese “boat people” welcomed to Canada under a then-new sponsorship program. Their sponsors are still by their side.
How Canadians opened their hearts to refugees Toronto Star 02-Mar-19 Forty years ago, in response to the “boat people” crisis, Canada’s private refugee sponsorship program was born.
‘I can do everything’: Employment program tries to empower newcomers CBC 25-Feb-19 Hasta Subba spent years in a refugee camp in Nepal and didn’t want to spend the rest of her life cleaning hotel rooms in Fredericton.
Finding refuge in Canadian friends CBC 24-Feb-19 How Syrian refugees find new Canadian friends. Once newcomers have basic needs like food and shelter met, they want companionship. They find it among other refugees, but that doesn’t go far enough.
Syrian refugee opens his own barbershop 3 years after arriving in Montreal Global Television 22-Feb-19 A Syrian refugee family that arrived in Montreal three years ago has accomplished one of their dreams.
Demandeurs d’asile et CPE: Québec se tourne vers Ottawa La Presse 20-Feb-19 En refusant d’admettre les enfants des demandeurs d’asile dans les garderies subventionnées, le Québec retarde inutilement leur intégration, les maintient dans un état de dépendance et se tire carrément dans le pied, affirment plus de 200 travailleurs sociaux et professionnels de la santé dans une lettre adressée au ministre québécois de la Famille, Mathieu Lacombe.
Canadian Experience (Not) Required HR Professional Now Feb/19 It’s time for organizations to remove this dated requirement.
This Syrian refugee isn’t leaving St. John’s, no matter how many others head for bigger cities CBC 18-Feb-19 After making a quick exit from Syria, Safaa Tohme’s family went from wealthy farmers to poor refugees. Now they’re on the upswing again in Newfoundland.
Island Voices: Despite progress, refugee crisis has not gone away Times Columnist 17-Feb-19 In August 2018, of the 1,500 refugee spaces provided by the Canadian government for the Blended Visa Office-Referred Program, more than 1,000 were left unclaimed. Only due to the exceptional financial commitment of some philanthropic leaders did Canada move any closer to meeting these targets last year.
Peace by Chocolate pledges to hire 50 refugees, mentor 10 refugee startups CBC 15-Feb-19 An Antigonish, N.S., chocolate company founded by a family who fled Syria is now pledging to work with 40 refugees and mentor and help develop 10 Canadian businesses run by refugees.
Want to hire a refugee? This program can match you with someone with the right skills Fast Company 15-Feb-19 Talent Beyond Boundaries has cataloged refugees in Jordan and Lebanon based on their work experience, so companies looking to work with refugees can find the perfect candidate.
Tayybeh catering: A celebration of Syrian cuisine CTV 13-Feb-19 Elwan and Eva Brownstein talk about a catering business that helps refugee women from Syria find a path towards independence.
Refugees in need of sponsors The Ripple Refugee Project 13-Feb-19 A blog describing the efforts of a private refugee sponsorship group in Toronto, Canada.
Syrian refugees buoyed by loan program aimed at helping restart careers Toronto Star 13-Feb-19 Grassroots charity pledges $100,000 to help newcomers with interest-free loans to revive stalled careers.
A Refugee Story: ‘No One’s Family Is Perfect but Mine Is Perfect for Me’ New York Times 12-Feb-19 In documenting his family members’ refugee experiences, Wesaam Al-Badry captured their character and ways of maneuvering through life.
Guelph a shining example of settling and integrating newcomers to Canada: Immigration minister GuelphToday.com 11-Feb-19 On Monday, Canada’s Immigration minister Ahmed Hussen met with community stakeholders at the Immigrant Services Guelph-Wellington office.
IKEA Canada Launches Refugee Employment Program inBrampton 9-Feb-19 Ikea launches a national refugee employment initiative to help refugees join the workforce, develop new skills and integrate into communities across the country. with 250 refugees to be hired in Canada within three years.
Meet the student who went straight from a Kenyan refugee camp to Acadia CBC 08-Feb-19 Noor Ahmed is originally from Mogadishu, Somalia. When he was in his teens, his family fled to the Kenyan refugee camp of Dadaab because of civil war, fighting and bombings.
Settled in a strange land: What life is like in Canada for Syrian refugees Toronto Star 08-Feb-19 The Star spent four months talking to dozens of settlement workers and Syrian refugees, who described ongoing language barriers and mental health struggles, as well as child-care, employment and housing woes. With a $1-billion price tag, there is a dearth of comprehensive data to show whether resettlement has been the unprecedented success the government says it is.
After initial euphoria fades, the stress of resettlement triggers trauma in Syrian refugees Toronto Star 08-Feb-19 Three years after Syrian refugees started arriving in Canada, mental health outcomes have fallen into a data gap when it comes to assessing how well they are integrating into Canadian society. Qasem Alkafre relies on weekly visits to Toronto’s Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture to help him talk through his nightmares.
The struggles and successes of five Syrian refugee families Toronto Star 08-Feb-19 Housing. Language barriers. Child care. Jobs. Money. Family reunification. The ultimate goal of resettlement is integration into Canadian society. Here’s what it looks like for Syrian families three years into the biggest humanitarian effort in Canada’s recent history.
Accenture: Using Technology to turn Refugees into Employees Hire Immigrants 05-Feb-19 Accenture in Germany has created a specific pathway for refugees to access employment opportunities at the company. The Jump Start Refugees program targets refugees with a bachelor’s degree from their home country and an affinity for technology.
Investing in Refugee Talent: Lessons Learned in Labour Market Integration HireImmigrants.ca 04-Feb-19 The influx of refugees received in 2015, and the years that followed, challenged receiving communities to reimagine traditional models of labour market integration. Conventional recruitment and selection processes resulted in missed opportunities to effectively evaluate and tap into the myriad of skills and experience many refugees bring to the workforce.
‘We felt we were reborn.’ Thousands of Eritrean refugees quietly welcomed to Canada Toronto Star 03-Feb-19 Canadian officials began tackling one of the country’s worst refugee resettlement backlogs in 2015 — at the same time world attention was focused on the desperate plight of Syrian refugees.
Refugees hoping to become citizens face high bar to achieve language benchmarks Toronto Star 03-Feb-19 To become a Canadian citizen, refugees aged 18 to 54 who have lived in Canada for three years must demonstrate they can speak at a Level 4. Older refugees are exempt. That puts refugees with no experience of reading or writing at a disadvantage; without a Level 4 certificate, these refugees won’t become citizens, with the capacity to vote or freely travel, until they turn 55.
Madeleine Albright and David Miliband: Welcoming refugees makes total economic sense CNN 1-Feb-19 An opinion piece published in February of this year, written by Madeleine Albright, former US secretary of state, and David Miliband, president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee and a former UK foreign secretary.
The Cities Refugees Saved CityLab 31-Jan-19 In the cities where the most refugees per capita were settled since 2005, the newcomers helped stem or reverse population loss.
Entry Hub – because integration is local Cities of Migration 31-Jan-19 For job-seeking refugees, connecting one-to-one and in-person can be the key to their success. And it works for employers, too.
A Simple Plan: Spreading the Gospel of Private Refugee Sponsorship FrankGiustra.com 31-Jan-19 All it took was a three-minute conversation on the phone. Just three minutes to convince me that such a seemingly simple idea could have such a potentially huge impact on thousands of refugees.
Here’s what you need to know about the immigration sponsorship program that was only open for 10 minutes National Post 29-Jan-19 This was the third application process the government has tried since the Liberals were elected in 2015, and every year, people complain it isn’t fair
A Call for Innovation in Resettlement Future of Good 28-Jan-19 Fear, Xenophobia, Closing Borders Leave Refugees Without Any Support.
One makeup artist’s journey from refugee camp to Oscars red carpet CBC Radio 28-Jan-19 Celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo will spend this month flying back and forth to Los Angeles — but that trip is nothing compared to the one that brought him to Canada.
Syrian newcomers to Calgary now settled, celebrating successes and looking ahead CBC 28-Jan-19 Ghada Alatrash stands in a spotlight on a small stage at Calgary’s new cSPACE arts venue, reciting her poetry and writing to a packed room, silent and captivated.
Syrian baker finds refuge in Sudbury CTV 27-Jan-19 From CTV Northern Ontario’s Alana Everson: A family that escaped war-torn Syria opens a new business in Sudbury.
Feds try enticing immigrants to rural, northern communities with new program Toronto Star 24-Jan-19 In an effort to boost economic growth in rural and northern Canada, the federal government has launched a pilot program to attract immigrants to small, remote communities.
Canada’s resettlement of refugees highest in the world for first time in 72 years, new data shows Toronto Star 23-Jan-19 The data, compiled by a researcher at the University of Calgary, raises questions about Canada’s growing role in navigating an ongoing international refugee crisis.
Ottawa announces money for colleges providing support services to immigrants Toronto Star 22-Jan-19 The federal government is pledging more than $18 million to help Canadian colleges provide learning and support services to immigrants and refugees waiting to come to Canada.
Employment gap narrows between university-educated immigrants and Canadian-born counterparts The Star 18-Jan-19 The unemployment gap between university-educated immigrants and their Canadian counterparts in the GTA has significantly narrowed over the last two decades, but employers’ demand for Canadian job experience remains a key barrier for newcomers, a new study has found.
3 Canadian women who are reshaping the food world right now Canadian Living 17-Jan-19 Our agricultural future is brighter thanks to these three food titans.
The journey from refugee to police officer CBC 17-Jan-19 Alain Arakaza arrived in Canada in 2009 as a refugee. Now, he’s about to become a Toronto police officer.
Learning more about how Syrian refugees are faring in London, Calgary and Fredericton CBC 16-Jan-19 A four-year study is underway to learn more about how Syrian refugees are settling in Canada. The research began in 2017 by Western University nursing professor, Abe Oudshoorn.
Ottawa businesses have a disconnect when it comes to hiring immigrants, report shows Capital Current 14-Jan-19 While businesses say foreign labour is important for Ottawa’s economy, immigrants still face barriers finding a job in the city.
Clean start: Syrian refugee rebuilds his fourth-generation soap business in Canada Globe & Mail 13-Jan-19 The fourth-generation soap maker spent a quarter-century in business in Syria, making renowned Aleppo soap in the product’s namesake city
Private and government-sponsored Syrian refugees face same challenges, U of A study finds  CBC 10-Jan-19 Syrian refugees who settled in Edmonton struggled with learning English and finding employment, whether they were sponsored privately or by the federal government, says a University of Alberta researcher.
La persévérance d’une réfugiée syrienne à Trois-Rivières Radio-Canada 09-Jan-19 Berivan Ahmad, une réfugiée de la Syrie, est arrivée à Trois-Rivières à l’hiver 2016 sans connaître la culture ni la langue. Trois ans plus tard, à force de travail et de persévérance, la femme de 28 ans s’est trouvé un emploi qui lui plaît et où elle est appréciée.
Toronto restaurant teaches skills to those who face employment barriers CBC 05-Jan-19 A downtown restaurant is doing much more than serving food — they’re also providing opportunities for those who might have a tough time finding work.
Oxford bound: Meet four of Canada’s latest Rhodes scholars Globe & Mail 03-Jan-19 Chasing their educations brought these four young people down very different and difficult paths. Now, a prestigious scholarship is helping them to make their mark on fields from economics to refugee studies.
At 21, this aerospace engineering student, former refugee has created her first invention Globe & Mail 03-Jan-19 Three years ago, Shoushi Bakarian was sitting in Lebanon, part of a family of four Syrian refugees facing an uncertain future with hopes of making a new start in Canada
Refugee matching program celebrates 100 matches CBC Radio 02-Jan-19 Not all of us can sponsor a refugee family. But just about anyone can be a friend. That’s the premise behind The Together Project. The program has matched almost 100 refugee families with volunteers. We talk to a couple of people who were matched six months ago.
From friends to family: Together Project matches newcomers with local families CBC 31-Dec-18 The Together Project matches families with government-assisted refugees to help them navigate life in Canada a bit better.
Immigrant joblessness narrows to 6.4% as Canada looks to newcomers to build workforce CBC 27-Dec-18 The unemployment rate for core working-age immigrants in 2017 was 6.4 per cent, the lowest since 2006 when Statistics Canada first began tracking employment among newcomers through its Labour Force Survey. Canada looks to immigrants to build its workforce.
Syrian refugee finds purpose at business school – and in life Globe & Mail 27-Dec-18 When the Ryerson student lost her spirit studying profits and losses, advice from a professor steered her toward social entrepreneurship.
Not just a Western effort: immigrants helping immigrants The Christian Science Monitor 27-Dec-18 The media often frames the effort to aid migrants around what citizens of the West are doing, but migrants themselves are also aiding their peers – sometimes even before they’ve completed their own journeys. Part 12 of On the Move: the faces, places, and politics of migration.
These Syrian refugee women are crafting new lives for themselves by knitting toys for children across Europe #Knitstanbul Bloomberg 24-Dec-18
Rethinking the cost of welcoming refugees iPolitics 21-Dec-18 The cost of processing, housing and helping people who come to Canada to claim asylum has been making headlines in recent months. Critics argue the process is “too costly” and “too long.”
Kitchener startup first in world to hire refugee under new program The Record 17-Dec-18 Bonfire worked with UN and Talent Beyond Boundaries to hire a software developer who fled war in Syria.
How Helping Refugees Helps Brands Tent.org 12-Dec-18 This study analyzes how brands making commitments to support refugees affects consumer perceptions in the United States. U.S. consumers exhibit a significant level of support for brands that help refugees, indicating that brands can “do good,” by making positive contributions in the lives of refugees, and “do well,” by attracting consumer support at the same time.
‘I will be born again’: First wave of Syrian refugees set to become Canadian citizens CBC News 11-Dec-18 Three years ago today, the first government plane filled with Syrian refugees touched down in Canada. Now, those first arrivals are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.
Racism in the job market CBC Radio 11-Dec-18 Reshmi Nair spoke to Sheila Block with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. She co-authored a study on racial inequality in Ontario’s labour market.
Refugee women escape conflict to start over as caterers in Montreal CBC News 09-Dec-18 Palestinian mother of four Hend Elhouseny says she’s starting over in Canada “from zero,” or even in the negative, but the community is helping bolster her dreams of creating a new life and helping other women do the same.
Refugee Chefs Are Revolutionizing the U.S. Food Scene AFAR 06-Dec-18 Restaurants and pop-up dinners led by immigrants and asylees cook up cutting-edge cuisine with a side of cross-cultural connection.
Sleeping Bags and Solar Lamps: Pop-Up Shop Lets You Buy Holiday Gifts for Refugees The New York Times 30-Nov-18 Choose Love, a New York store, sells necessities that will be sent to displaced people around the world.
Student-designed app helps newcomers get work and you get shovelled out CBC 30-Nov-18 A new app designed by Winnipeg university students is connecting homeowners who need a hand shovelling with newcomers who want work.
Somali Workers in Minnesota Force Amazon to Negotiate New York Times 20-Nov-18 Refugee newcomers in the U.S. among those taking issue with a large employer’s pressure to increase productivity and lack of sensitivity.
This Syrian refugee is living the classic Canadian dream. ‘We are so proud of Canada and want to make Canada proud of us’ Toronto Star 16-Nov-18 According to a new survey by COSTI, the agency tasked by Ottawa to settle government-sponsored Syrians in the GTA, many are thriving, with a third having found jobs and some 87 per cent reporting they feel happy.
In global refugee flow, Canada finds a surprising solution to a labor shortage The Christian Science Monitor 16-Nov-18 Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB), an international NGO, has started pilots in Canada and Australia to match a small number of refugees based in Lebanon and Jordan, applying to immigrate as skilled immigrants, with employment opportunities abroad.
Quand des femmes syriennes cuisinent pour mieux s’intégrer Ici Quebec 13-Nov-18 Syrian refugees from Quebec have been involved in a community kitchen in the Sainte-Foy area for just over two years. For those women who did not know French when they arrived in Canada, the initiative is a way to build relationships and foster their integration.
Ottawa to retool immigrant support program that few used — even as budget tripled National Post 12-Nov-18 The federal government is planning to overhaul an immigration program designed to help newcomers find work and adjust to life in Canada which, despite having its budget nearly tripled in 2015, is being used by fewer than 10 per cent of immigrants.
Réfugiés francophones: trois récits d’intégration inspirants ONfr 09-Nov-18 Portraits of three francophone refugee newcomers to Ontario from among the hundreds coming to the province each year.
Ontario Helps People Prepare for a Career in the Skilled Trades Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities 05-Nov-18 Local pre-apprenticeship training call for proposals open now
From refugees to Bay Area entrepreneurs: How one family started over The Mercury News 04-Nov-18 Three years after arriving in the U.S., this family is running a budding catering business and has hired their first employee.
Syrian refugee women play to their strengths with great communal food Globe & Mail 02-Nov-18 Tayybeh, a food company run by Syrian refugee women in Vancouver, has branched out from cooking classes into catering and a food truck.
Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council releases report on state of immigrant inclusion in the GTA. TRIEC 01-Nov-18 Fewer newcomer men are getting to the top of the pay scale compared to men born in Canada. Women newcomers only earn on average half that of their Canadian-born counterparts. Furthermore, the gap between the respective unemployment rates of newcomers with a Bachelor’s degree and people born in Canada has narrowed, but it’s still twice that of the rate for people born the country.
Unpacked – Soufi’s: A profile Uber Eats 01-Nov-18 Profile of a successful restaurant in Toronto, started by all the members of a Syrian refugee newcomer family.
Local tech company aims to hire skilled refugees currently living abroad CBC Radio 24-Oct-18 Kitchener-Waterloo company, Bonfire, is among a handful of Canadian companies in the process of hiring skilled refugees currently living abroad, in association with U.S.-based Talent Beyond Boundaries. Kris Braun, director of engineering at Bonfire, was able to interview Mohammed Hakmi and offer him a job at Bonfire.
Trump refugee cuts slow resurgence of cities like Buffalo Times Colonist 23-Oct-18 As the Trump administration throttles the flow of refugees into the United States and the president increases his anti-immigration rhetoric ahead of the midterm elections, Buffalo and other cities that rely on the new arrivals are beginning to feel the pinch.
Pilot project aims to bring refugees to Canada as skilled workers Toronto Star 12-Oct-18 An internal immigration department document shows that, after 25 years in the country, a typical refugee is earning as much or more than the Canadian norm, which is about $45,000 a year.
When Your Boss Is an Algorithm New York Times 12-Oct-18 For Uber drivers, the workplace can feel like a world of constant surveillance, automated manipulation and threats of “deactivation.”
Refugees earn more than most Canadians after 25 years Vancouver Sun 09-Oct-18 An internal immigration department document shows that, after 25 years in the country, a typical refugee is earning as much or more than the Canadian norm, which is about $45,000 a year.
Tech Jobs for Refugees: Assessing the Potential of Coding Schools for Refugee Integration in Germany Migration Policy Institute Europe 01-Oct-18 Given Germany’s aging population and growing skill shortages in the IT sector, policymakers, civil-society groups, and industry leaders have been captivated by the idea that refugee workers could step in to fill these critical gaps. This report examines the rationale for training refugees for tech jobs and takes stock of the coding schools that have emerged in Berlin and beyond to help refugees prepare for careers in software development.
Why Canada will lead the charge on the UN’s global refugee plan Maclean’s 24-Sep-18 Op-ed: The UN’s global compact on refugees could be a game-changer—and Canada is well-placed to help make it a reality, say two cabinet ministers and a UN official.
Which nation is ‘most generous’ to refugees? Certainly not the US The Guardian 22-Sep-18 When secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced a few days ago that the Trump administration had set a ceiling of 30,000 refugees who could be resettled in the United States in the next year beginning 1 October, he ritually added: “We are and continue to be the most generous nation in the world.”
Nearly three-quarters of Canadians support taking in refugees, poll shows Toronto Star 19-Sep-18 Three out of four Canadians support taking in refugees — numbers that place Canada among the world’s most welcoming nations on the question of people fleeing violence and war — according to a new survey by the Washington-based Pew Research Center.
To make aid for refugees more efficient, let them decide where it goes aPolitical 18-Sep-18 Opinion: Empowering refugee leaders will ensure a better return on humanitarian investment.
New York Declaration on Refugees: A One-Year Report Card News Deeply 18-Sep-18 A year after the first ever U.N. refugee summit, policy expert Jeff Crisp examines the four key objectives of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework agreed in New York, and the major questions and obstacles that remain to be resolved.
Everybody comes to Mo’s CBC.ca 18-Sep-18 From refugee to entrepreneur: Mohamad Almaidani built a loyal customer base before launching his Corner Brook barber shop.
Doctors Fleeing Syria for Germany Find Refuge, Hurdles and Delays New York Times 08-Sep-18 In the years since more than one million people poured into Germany seeking refugee status and a better life, much effort and resources have been expended on the question of whether the new arrivals could contribute to Europe’s biggest economy. Recent numbers show that they can — but only if allowed.
Canadian employers need workers but balk at hiring immigrants: survey Montreal Gazette 05-Sep-18 Even as employers complain about a shortage of job candidates, they remain hesitant to hire immigrants, a survey conducted by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) suggests.
A new life in Edmonton: the successes and challenges faced by Syrian refugees CBC.ca 03-Sep-18 Families working toward financial independence in Alberta
‘It feels like a dream’: Syrian refugee family in tearful reunion at Pearson Toronto Star 03-Sep-18 As of the end of June, officials said there are still 16,736 sponsored Syrians — 12,663 under private sponsorship, 3,626 by the federal government, and the rest supported jointly by both — waiting to be processed. Another 2,779 are in the final stages of getting their permanent resident visas to start a new life here.
An immigrant success story: Erkan Ucargonul. New Canadians Aug. 14/17 Canada’s immigrants often choose to move here for a multitude of reasons. Erkan Ucargonul had just one single reason – his daughter. To truly appreciate Erkan’s decision, we need to take a trip back in time and halfway across the globe to Turkey.
Syrian seamstress becomes a part of community fabric. UNHCR Canada Dec. 15/16 With the help of sponsors, Rabiaa Al Soufi’s skills have become a valued part of one tight-knit community in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Saad’s story: A newcomer entrepreneur in Canada ACCES Employment Jul.6/16 Saad Khan, a graduate of ACCES Employment’s Entrepreneurship Connections, shares his story of coming to Canada, and the support he received from the program while starting his own business, Parosi.