Employment services

An explanation of what employment service providers do and the variety of services they offer; a list of the most frequently-mentioned employment services and other non-profit organizations in the GTA which help refugee newcomers prepare for, and find, employment; eligibility to use an employment service; and how a private sponsor or other volunteer can help a newcomer select an employment service and then collaborate with that service.

Searching for Jobs Online

Job boards Online job boards are search engines designed to filter through job openings. They can be very useful to gather information about companies that are hiring, the roles they are seeking to […]

Networking by newcomers

Links to several posts on other websites which may help in explaining to a newcomer what “networking” means, its value, and examples of where to seek such opportunities.

Applying for a job

This article focuses on the process of looking for work in a specific sector or occupation or applying for a specific job. It will be most useful in cases where a newcomer is not using an employment service. It covers opening the door through a connection; resume preparation; cover letters; LinkedIn profiles; resume tailoring; online search engines/job boards; applying by email or online; job fairs; knocking on doors/Applying on-site; researching the employer; labour market information; job interviews; and following up interviews.

Working for a temp agency

An explanation of what a temp or ’employment’ agency does and how it differs from an employment service, as well as a warming to properly research the track record of any temp or employment agency being considered, because not all place their employees in good work environments.

Volunteering and internships

Links to a range of volunteer positions available in the GTA, as well as a discussion of unpaid and paid internships, including strict limitations on what is considered to be a legal, unpaid internship.

Women’s clothes available for professional job interviews

A challenge for many newcomer women is to have the right clothing to wear to job interviews and, once hired, for their new work environments. Dress for Success is an organization that seeks […]

Men’s clothes available for job interviews

  Greater Toronto Area Dress Your Best is operated by the Live to Give Relief Organization, the same organization that runs Dress for Success for women. The mission of Dress Your Best is […]