Search engines and job boards

Online search engines (job boards) can be very useful to gather information about types of companies that are hiring, the roles that they are seeking to fill, and the key qualifications and attributes they are seeking. No job board, to the best of our knowledge, however, is focused on refugee newcomers, or even, newcomers in general. As a result, the number of online applicants for each position posted may be considerable and the chances of obtaining an interview not as good as if a direct connection could be established with the employer. (If a job opportunity is identified through an online posting, a sponsor or other person assisting a newcomer may then be able to establish a connection to open a door to an interview and even preferential consideration.)

Search engines available, with jobs in the GTA, include the following:

Facebook groups

Another source of occasional leads to keep in mind for specific job openings and  job fairs are Facebook groups and pages that focus on newcomers. These include the following:

In the GTA:

In the Ottawa region:


Website with links to hiring events in the GTA and Ottawa:

The following website has links to many hiring events in the GTA and Ottawa: