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Jan 07, 2016

Maple Leaf Foods Inc. is looking to hire Syrian refugees to fill 10 vacant jobs at its meat plant in Lethbridge. >> Food processing and production

Work to Consider


A look at the catering sector, the potential for newcomers to establish or work in a catering business, regulatory and certification requirements, and the availability and value of social enterprise programs and commercial and community kitchens.


Often, the term “manufacturing” conjures images of large factories where employees work on an assembly line to piece things together, such as fabricated metal products, machinery, and automobiles. Given the diversity of products and production methods, there are many different jobs within the manufacturing sector.

Food Processing and Production

A look at the many options available to newcomers in the food processing and production sector, including paid employment and opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Restaurants and Quick Service

An overview of jobs available in the restaurant industry including the types of employers; expected compensation; English speaking requirements; regulation and certification; training opportunities; apprenticeships; and a job market outlook.

Tips & Leads

Jobs with Limited English: Tips and Advice for Newcomers

It can be challenging for newcomers to find meaningful work in Canada. The ability to communicate in English (or French, for those settling in Quebec) will be one of the most important contributors to success. It will affect the chances of being hired, of being promoted, and of being certified or licensed in many fields.