One of the most important qualities employers are looking for is the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. The Business English for International Professionals program at University of Toronto is designed for those who want to improve their professional English skills with a goal of succeeding and advancing in the Canadian workplace.  In this program, you will develop the skills you need to communicate effectively in today’s business environment, including presentation, speaking, and written skills.

Through a range of activities and interactive exercises, these courses will help you gain the confidence you need to contribute in both formal and informal professional situations, create effective emails and reports, provide feedback, express your ideas – and ultimately succeed in the Canadian workplace.

Courses are offered in a classroom setting, allowing you to learn and practice in an interactive environment.

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There are currently 13 courses offered in Business English for International Professionals:


Improve your pronunciation so people can understand you better. After your speaking ability is individually assessed, you’ll develop the speech awareness and skills to make sure you’re understood clearly. Course techniques include recordings, partner work, group activities and one-on-one instructor feedback. Your speech will become clearer, more fluent and easier to understand. You’ll improve your enunciation of individual sounds, intonation, stress patterns, pace and pausing. Expect up to two hours of homework a week.

Speaking Professionally

Improve your professional speaking skills – and your chances of success in the workplace – with this 10-week course. You’ll develop and practise business presentation skills so you can contribute more at meetings, conferences, networking sessions and other corporate events. You’ll build greater confidence through individual work, group interaction and feedback from your peers and instructor. You’ll learn to express yourself more clearly and concisely whether speaking in impromptu situations or making well-planned presentations. Expect about three hours of homework a week.

Speaking Accurately

Build your language skills at work, home and elsewhere with this 10-week course. You’ll learn to speak English more accurately and eliminate common errors that obstruct even the best ideas. You’ll adopt and refine strategies that help you express yourself more clearly in personal and professional situations. You’ll take part in group discussions, make brief presentations and get valuable feedback from your peers and instructor. You’ll also review sentence-level grammar structures that present problems for both native and non-native speakers.

Refine Your Grammar 1

Express yourself more accurately and eloquently by improving your English grammar in this 10-week course. You’ll get the strong foundation you need to write and speak more clearly, precisely and persuasively. You’ll explore the relationship between words in sentences, analyze structure and meaning, clarify common problem points and improve punctuation. You’ll get opportunities to practise with your peers and get helpful feedback. You’ll also learn what resources are best for ongoing grammar help. Expect three hours of homework a week.

Refine Your Grammar 2

If you struggle with professional or academic writing – even after years of studying English – this course is for you. You’ll learn sophisticated concepts of grammar not covered in most language courses. You’ll apply them to produce effective, concise written work with newfound confidence. You’ll express yourself more clearly and persuasively by using varied, well-structured sentences and placing content more strategically. You’ll also develop editing skills to rid your work of errors. Expect up to three hours of homework a week.

Writing Essentials 1

Improve your written English for personal, professional and academic purposes with this 10-week course. You’ll refine your sentence structure, punctuation and verb tenses, and eliminate the most common errors that confuse readers. You’ll enhance your writing style with challenging weekly assignments. You’ll get detailed feedback from your instructor so you know what needs improvement and how English sentences work. You’ll also develop valued editing skills that help you revise your work. Expect at least five hours of homework each week.

Writing Essentials 2

Hone the skills you learned in Writing Essentials I in this advanced 10-week course. You’ll learn to construct more precise and reader-friendly sentences and paragraphs. You’ll eliminate redundancies and errors and use outlining to plan more cohesive documents. Feedback from your instructor and peers, in-class activities and challenging assignments will sharpen your writing and editing skills. Whether you write for school, business, fun or profit, you’ll emerge with greater ability and confidence. Expect about five hours of homework each week.

Speaking English with Confidence

If you’re ready to take your spoken English to a higher level – where you feel comfortable expressing opinions, arguing positions and making presentations – this 10-week interactive course is for you. You’ll improve your fluency and accuracy, so you feel more confident when speaking to others. You’ll develop speaking and listening skills in a relaxed group setting and learn to apply them outside the classroom. You’ll emerge with a set of skills designed to help you speak more naturally and comfortably.

Writing Effective Essays

This course is designed to help you improve your writing techniques for university or college essays by providing practice in the strategies and skills essential to writing clearly and coherently in a variety of academic genres using appropriate academic vocabulary and style. You’ll learn how to organize paragraphs and papers, use more complex structures, and analyze other writing to improve your own. You’ll study North American academic conventions, learn to write more persuasively, and get helpful feedback from peers and your instructor.

Academically Speaking

Students and teachers alike need strong speaking skills to succeed in English-language academic settings. If you need help getting the most out of lectures, tutorials, class discussions and study groups, this 10-week course is for you. You’ll improve your speaking skills so you can interact more comfortably and confidently with students, professors and colleagues. You’ll learn to express and support opinions, ask clear questions, provide fluent answers and monitor your performance. Expect up to three hours of homework a week.

Professional Writing

What’s the most important quality Canadian employers look for in employees? If you said “The ability to communicate clearly and effectively,” you’re ready for this ten-week course. Lectures, discussions, e-learning tools and assignments will help you develop the communication skills you’ll need in today’s business environment. You’ll learn to anticipate and meet your audience’s needs. You’ll write letters, emails, memos and reports that are precise, clear and effective. You’ll emerge better able to inform, persuade, and seek information with confidence.

Writing Research-based Essays

Write longer, more complex university and college with the advanced academic techniques you’ll learn in this 10-week course. You’ll learn to use published sources correctly to support your written arguments. You’ll formulate research questions and answer them by analyzing and integrating your sources. You’ll express your ideas more clearly and coherently and cite your sources accurately. You’ll get peer and instructor feedback, learn to write more persuasively and emerge better prepared to succeed. Expect five hours of homework a week.

Strategies for Professional Success in Canada

A course for internationally-trained professionals who want to succeed and advance in the Canadian workplace. Learn the unspoken rules of the Canadian workplace, practise what to say (and not say), and how to speak most effectively. The course addresses topics such as resolving conflict, networking, giving and receiving feedback, expressing disagreement, and participating in informal workplace discussions. Through a range of activities and interactive exercises, you will develop success strategies for effective communication.