This FREE, eight-week program at ACCES Employment provides you with language training and skills to help you get a job in the construction trades. No previous work experience in construction is required. This program welcomes newcomers to Canada looking to build a career in the construction sector.

Program components

  • Language training for construction
  • Canadian workplace culture
  • Certification in WHMIS and First Aid
  • Opportunity to enroll in training on Forklift, Elevated Work Platform (EWP), and Health & Safety
  • Information on in-demand construction jobs
  • Information about how to pursue an apprenticeship
  • Help to find and keep a construction job
  • Resources for additional services you might need as a newcomer

At the end of this program, you will receive support to enroll in additional training, register as an apprentice, or find a job in the construction trades. You will also receive advice and support to help you settle in your new job. Resources will be provided for additional services you might need as a newcomer.

The following individuals can partake in the program:

  • Newcomers to Canada (PR holders and Convention Refugees) looking to enhance their language skills in order to gain entrance in the highly-in-demand construction sector.