The Economic and Skills Opportunities for Stronger Women Project aims to reach out, equip and empower immigrant and refugee self-identifying women by providing them with viable, practical and employment-ready skills training or economic opportunities for entrepreneurship. We recognize women’s interest to start their own business initiatives but lack the resources and skills to do so. Skills training related to Hospitality and Food Industry will include Food Handling, Restaurant and Banquet Server Training, Cake Decoration and Front House/Guest Service. Intensive mentorship support will be provided as well as assistance in start-up costs. Women will get assistance in finding grants or funding opportunities for small business.

Project Activities


  • Food Handling Certification
  • Food Services Training
  • Cake Decoration Training
  • Hospitality Training
  • Front of House Operations/Guest Services
  • Restaurant and Banquet Server Training
  • Training on Starting a Catering Business (Catering Business Workshop)
  • Business Plan Support
  • Business Loan Assistance
  • Business Mentorship
  • Seed Capital Support

Support for Start-Up Cost

  • The Project will provide a start-up cost to cover costs for tools/small Equipment/Licensing fees/other start-up costs to start the business (ie. pots and pans for catering, ingredients for meals to be made, marketing costs, publicity cake decorating kit, licensing fees, initial rental of commercial kitchen, etc.)

For more information, follow the program’s Facebook Page, or visit the link below.