Mothercraft College of Early Childhood Education offers the Enhanced Language Training (ELT) program for Early Development with funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This program is designed to help you improve your English skills if you want to work in the community with young children or if you want to further your studies about young children.

The Mothercraft ELT Program for Early Development has small classroom sizes and individualized support. During the program, you will practice your English communication skills in
reading, writing, listening, and speaking – specifically in the field of early learning and care. You will become more comfortable with the language used in the early development field in Canada
and will also improve your employment readiness skills.

In addition to classes, there is a 4-week placement with young children so you can get Canadian workplace experience. You will practice interacting with young children and families in early learning centres and programs and will become more familiar with Canadian culture when working with diverse young children and families. Free TTC tickets may also be available to you (if you qualify).

The Mothercraft ELT and OSLT Program for Early Development:

  • Will help upgrade English skills in preparation for work with young children and families in Canada
  • Offers four-week Canadian work experience (placement) in early learning centres
  • Has small classroom sizes and individualized support
  • Transportation assistance is provided to qualified participants
  • Is offered full- time (daytime)

You are eligible for this program if:

  • you have international training related to work with young children
  • you have international training in another field but want to work with young children in Canada
  • you are a protected person, a convention refugee, or a permanent resident
  • you have CLB 6 minimum (higher preferred)

This is a CERTIFICATE level program. Participants will receive an Enhanced Language Training: Early Development certificate upon successful completion. Refugee newcomers are eligible.

While CLB 6 is the minimum level of English proficiency required to enter the program, a higher level is preferred.