More and more organizations are looking for people that is well rounded & volunteering is no longer just an option on the resume but has become a main feature. Companies invest in Community Programming and volunteer work has become an important factor when hiring a person. EmpowHer is designed to help young women between the age of 15-30 to become part of their community through volunteerism while helping them develop skills that will empower them to become an ambassador of change in their community. Each cohort is specialized to the group that is expected to participate and not every cohort is the same. So ensure that before you register you are qualified for that cohort.


EmpowHer provides free training in Project Management, Leadership, Employability, Entrepreneurship, Grants, and Life Skills as well as assistance in the co-creation of service projects responding to identified community needs. This 12-day in-class program and minimum of 40 hours volunteer work is a perfect way to learn new skills and practise present skills.

This has been a very successful program for youth Newcomer Women – the program is going to be concentrating on women between 19-30 years old.  The last cohort of young women were able to successfully get placed in volunteer work that had some relationship to things they did in their original homeland.  Hence they were able to keep their skills up.  It doesn’t always happen, but the intention is to try to give women volunteer work that will make them more empowered to look for work that will not keep them underemployed. Some of the volunteer work included:

  • Event planning and onsite coordination with a large festival in Brampton
  • Accounting company that started a social enterprise
  • 2 were able to find volunteer work for an MP in Brampton and MP in Mississauga
  • Medical and dental offices

The volunteers are insured under our programs, hence they were able to find work in office and professional environments.

Centre for Education and training is accepting 4 volunteers right now for training. If you know any young women between 19-30 and new to Canada, please have them come to the orientation.

To attend an information session please email your resume to [email protected]


  • Female
  • 18-30 years old
  • Reside in the Region of Peel
  • Must be able to commit to both in-class program and volunteer placements.