HOPES (Helping Our Newcomers Prepare for Employment Success) is a program of the Mennonite New Life Centre.

Do you feel discouraged & confused about your employment prospects in Canada? Join us for this unique employment program & learn how to:

  • Redefine your employment goals within a new cultural context and take your first steps forward!
  • Integrate successfully into the Canadian workforce.
  • Take advantage of ongoing counselling and support from employment agencies and programs.

Designed especially for newcomers, the program runs for 8 weeks and includes 3 phases:


  • Manage Culture Shock and Know Yourself
    • Learn to recognize signs of confusion, disorientation, & unease to better adjust to your new surroundings.
    • Discover how you manage transitions & identify personal qualities to support adapting to changing circumstances.
  • Decrease Stress & Increase Hope
    • Develop emotional & behavioural strategies to address stressors & develop a positive outlook on challenges ahead.


  • Clarify your Goals
    • Redefine your employment goals based on your strengths & talents, & identify barriers & areas for further development. Understand your values & beliefs, & identify your ideal work environment.
  • Design your Action Plan
    • Learn planning strategies & identify resources to implement your plan for successful integration in the Ontario economy toward employment and financial security.
  • Build Empowerment
    • Bring ownership to your job search & feel empowered to get the job you want.


  • Make Community Connections
    • Get support to continue with your job plan. Be referred to organizations & programs in the community that can help you advance toward employment.
  • Stay Focused
    • Take advantage of continued career advice & emotional support to stay motivated & execute your action plan.

Who is eligible to participate?

This program will benefit newcomers who:

  • are struggling to find employment appropriate to their education, skills, and experience;
  • need individual support for resettlement stress;
  • are looking for personal and organizational connections within the community;
  • have job-ready English communication skills (CLB 5 +)
  • are able to commit time to each component of the program to work towards their goals

Workshops are limited to 20 participants.

What is the cost?

  • It’s FREE for eligible participants!
  • TTC tokens & light refreshments will be provided for the Group Workshops.