Offers support and guidance to Internationally Trained Professional through professional mentorship in all sectors. Mentees will be matched with Canadian Professionals to help build an understanding of Canadian workplace best practices and build professional networks. This program is provided by Woodgreen through its Community Connections Program.

Program Restrictions:

All participants must be a permanent resident of Canada, or Convention Refugees, Government Assisted Refugees or live-in caregivers.

Mentors provide:

  • Knowledge on best practices in the Canadian workplace and insights into the workplace culture
  • Guidance on accreditation processes and on professional development
  • Information on local labour market trends and help in identifying potential employers related to the participants’ professions
  • Effective job search strategies, that include building networks
  • Support to improve job-specific terminology

Types of mentorships offered:

  • One-on-One Mentorship – a commitment of 4 months is required
  • Group Mentorship – a commitment of 8 weeks is required