Newcomer Innovations & Interventions, is an innovative new employment program in Toronto for newcomers, organized by Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence. The formal application deadline is November 4, 2019 and the program is scheduled to start on November 18, 2019.

This program brings together cohorts of artists and up to 10 paid newcomers to make art for up to six months. The program explores what art has to offer immigration. Newcomers are hired from non-artistic fields to make art in ways that would creatively make use of their professional backgrounds.

By offering newcomers a professional yet playful work environment, the program positions newcomers to ‘level up’ their listening, presentation, storytelling, negotiation, collaboration, and other soft skills. The residency places the newcomers in a practice workplace, where they can feel out social dynamics, re-calibrate their sense of norms, and practice being in a new cultural environment that will help them do better in interviews, at networking, and on the job.

Newcomers will have opportunities to lead meetings, facilitate peer learning, and present proposals. They will be engaged on a consulting basis for six months, with specific on-site dates for the residencies and culminating exhibition. They will be coached on how to make the most of this experience as they continue their job search.

Guest artists will work with the newcomers in teams to make art. Candidates are hired first, based on the person, and they then devise artistic projects in response to their individual skills, interests, and personalities. Resulting artworks may include performance art (social actions), interactive or relational works, small film/photography projects, song/music, dance, visual/public art, fashion, storytelling, and things that, like Duchamp’s urinal, might make a person ask, ‘but is it art?’

The pay is modest, but the experience will help you, and help other newcomer professionals like you.


Newcomer professionals of all backgrounds are invited to apply, particularly those with training and experience in finance, education, engineering, science, health, agriculture, hospitality, mathematics, statistics, law, and IT. Don’t worry if your profession is not listed. We are open to other professional backgrounds.

Experience with art is not necessary. We are interested in your specialization, whatever that may be.

Key Qualifications:

  • Training and minimum 4 years work experience in your area of expertise or interest
  • Fluency in English (LINC level 4 and up)
  • Minimum 1 year living in Canada
  • Experiencing difficulty finding your first job in Canada in your area of expertise or interest
  • Willingness to learn, explore new ideas and processes, and collaborate with others
  • Interest in expanding what you know and opening up more potential work opportunities
  • Desire for your thoughts and experiences as a newcomer to help inform and shape ideas to change how settlement assistance is approached and supported in Canada


Please email [email protected] a copy of your resume and a cover letter responding to the questions below:

  1. Tell us about a favourite job experience. Why is this memory important or positive for you?
  2. Tell us about your job search in Canada. What do you imagine could be different about the process?
  3. Where have you come from? If we were to move to your home country permanently, what are your top two suggestions to help us get settled?

Deadline to apply: November 4, 2019

Please apply early and respond to all three questions above.

Interviews are expected to start by November 6, 2019.

Anticipated start date: November 18, 2019

Newsletter and 2020 program

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