MCIS has developed a free, unique language independent training program for translators in languages of lesser diffusion with funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

There is a shortage of translators in languages of lesser diffusion that is affecting access to critical information and services for limited/non-English speaking persons in key areas such as healthcare, emergency services, legal access, education, social services and many more. The program aims to offer equal access to translation training, in order to help reduce the shortage of trained translators. MCIS’ Translator Training Program provides linguistically diverse Ontarians with the means to develop skills and knowledge to become community translators, with focuses on topics present in Community Translation. The advanced portion of the training program seeks to bridge the gap between academic learning in university programs and real-world tools and technology being used in the industry today.

Train for free! As part of our commitment to the Ontario Trillium Foundation, who funded the development of this training, we are offering this fully developed training suite worth approx. $1000 for free to the first 500 registrants. A $150 deposit is required by credit card but is fully refunded upon completion of your training. Take advantage and register now!

This program is offered both in-class and online. The online version runs for 14 weeks and is self-managed, except for two compulsory webinars, which must be attended.

(Search this database for in-class/onsite program start dates.)