Admissions Closed for Program Year 2020-2021.

The Ontario Internationally Educated Physical Therapy Bridging (OIEPB) Program offers a comprehensive 10-month program, online courses and workshops for internationally educated physiotherapists (IEPTs) like yourself to help transition your career to Canada. The Comprehensive Bridging Program will help you on your journey to licensing and practice as a physiotherapist in Canada. To gain licensure, you must pass 2 national Physiotherapy Competency Exams (PCE) conducted by the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators and we can help you be confident and well-prepared.

Our Mission is to create an adult learning environment, building upon a learner’s education and clinical experience to promote, improve, and maintain the mobility and function of Canadians.

The goal of the Ontario Internationally Educated Physical Therapy Bridging (OIEPB) Program is to enhance the internationally educated physiotherapist’s (IEPTs) professional and clinical competencies to qualify for practice as an autonomous practitioner within the Canadian health care system.

The OIEPB Exam Success Rates show how well our Alumni have performed on the PCE. The 2018 PCE Clinical Component exam pass rate for our bridge learners is 82% compared to a pass rate of 55% for IEPTs with no bridge training and 84% pass rate for Canadian-trained physiotherapists. By joining the bridging program, you can increase your chance of success too!

The program has an employment rate of 100%. Our learners choose their area of practice and seamlessly integrate into the Canadian health care system in major urban centres and/or rural areas. The impact of the bridging program extends widely across the country and the Ontario labour force. We are very proud of the success of our graduates!

Program Description

The Comprehensive Bridging Program occurs once a year from April to February. Applications are accepted throughout the calendar year. The curriculum is delivered as a mix of online opportunities and onsite practice. This delivery format provides flexibility and greater access to the program for learners living outside the Greater Toronto Area. To learn more about the content of the program, follow this link.

The 10-month Comprehensive Bridging Program provides many opportunities including:

  • refreshing knowledge and critical thinking skills to meet Canadian entry-to-practice standards
  • gaining support from a network of peers and mentors
  • completing 2, non-paid Clinical Internships
  • Canadian workplace experience and practice of professional behaviours
  • learning all about the Canadian healthcare system
  • support with career planning, resume and interview preparation

Is this program right for you?

  • This is the right program for you if you are an internationally educated physiotherapist (IEPT) and want to improve your:
  • Physical therapy knowledge and skills when preparing for the PCE
  • Exam-taking skills for the written and clinical component exams
  • Understanding of the physiotherapist’s role and scope of practice in Canada
  • Performance as autonomous health care practitioners
  • Knowledge and skills of how to manage cultural, professional and ethical challenges in the workplace
  • Ability to interact with patients and other health care providers in English
  • Strengthen professional networks to begin a career within the Canadian workplace


The Comprehensive Bridging Program is for IEPTs with Canadian immigration status such as Permanent Residency, Canadian Citizenship or Convention Refugee status. Your credentials must already be approved by CAPR and you must meet the OIEPB English language proficiency requirement.

Learn more here.

Information sessions

The evening Information session gives IEPTs an opportunity to learn more about the program, meet the program staff and faculty, and have the opportunity to meet past graduates from the bridging program. Come and have all your questions answered!

The next session will be held in the Fall of 2020 at 500 University Ave., Toronto, ON M5G 1V7 (exact date to be announced later).

Important Dates

  • Program Start Date (Online Introduction) – April 13, 2020
  • Residency Week (First Onsite Dates) – April 20-24, 2020
  • Application Deadline – January 17, 2020
  • Admissions Assessments – February 22-23, 2020
  • Information Session – Fall 2020 – date to be announced

OIEPB is offered through a partnership with the University of Toronto, Department of Physical Therapy and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.