Covid-19 update: This workshop program has been postponed until social distancing precautions are no longer deemed necessary.

Take the most popular PCE workshops to help you pass the national exams. Get lots of practice questions and how to answer them! Increase your chance of success! Apply early spots fill quickly.

Is this workshop for you?

Do you want to:

  • improve your chance to pass the PCE.
  • learn how to understand and figure out exam questions.
  • have real live interactions with instructors/examiners.
  • have lots of sample questions.
  • receive immediate feedback by experienced PTs.
  • improve your overall performance on the PCE.
  • feel more confident before you challenge the PCE.


There are up to 100 practice questions on an online platform to help you pass the PCE exam, improve your exam-taking skills and a chance to work with experienced PTs who have challenged the exam.


Get and create stations to help you understand how to challenge the national exam. Get Exam Prep and study tips that will help you pass the Clinical Component of the PCE. Get the whole exam experience in the roles of candidate, examiner, and patient. Set yourself up for success!


Experience a mock PCE and get lots of practice! Get individualized feedback by experienced PTs. Get up to 40 different stations to choose from over many days. Maximize your chances to pass the PCE!

Workshop dates

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