Funding for this program was not renewed for 2020 and the program was discontinued.

WoodGreen Community Services offers an Enhanced Language Training Program (ELT) for newcomers who need to improve their language levels to qualify for a Personal Support Worker Certificate.

If your goal is to become a PSW, or you currently are a PSW college student or a graduate of a PSW Certificate program, and you need to improve your communication skills further for employment, this program is for you. This program is FREE and funded by the Canadian Government.

Important Note: The PSW ELT program Woodgreen Newcomer Services offers is NOT a PSW Certificate program, nor replaces the need for one, before being able to work as a PSW. However, people who qualify and complete the PSW ELT program, and a PSW Certificate program at a college, will receive a guaranteed 8-week placement and interview from Woodgreen’s Community Care Unit, as well as a job offer, which will be extended to pre-screened qualifying candidates.

Program Details

  • Understand and improve workplace communication skills you will need as a PSW
  • Improve general ESL skills in order to meet PSW Certificate Program admission requirements
  • Get employment coaching and job search support
  • Networking & Mentorship opportunities with employers and professionals
  • 6-10 weeks of guaranteed unpaid work placement, and an offer of employment, which will be extended to pre-screened clients, who successfully complete the PSW ELT program AND an accredited PSW Certificate program
  • TTC support (one way) will be provided to eligible clients

Please also note: This course has an in-class and an online component. Successful completion of the PSW ELT program requires at least 80% attendance and CLB 7+ on graduation (in listening, speaking, writing and reading)

Program Schedule

Classes are held Monday – Thursday, 6:00-8:30 pm and Saturday, 9-12 pm

Course content will also be available online.


  • Permanent Residents and Convention Refugees;
  • Minimum of high school education from abroad;
  • Commitment to the 2 month program until March 31, 2020 and to the schedule.