The Rural Employment Initiative (REI) project is a partnership between the Ontario Association for Community Futures Development Corporation (OACFDC) and the Newcomer Center of Peel (NCP) funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation. The focus of the project is to connect talented internationally trained professionals with the employment opportunities in rural areas of Ontario. The REI aids newcomers in finding local jobs and residence in rural communities and as a result, increases economic prosperity as a whole. Through the creation of job opportunities, the REI facilitates the movement of unemployed talented immigrants from the overburdened metropolitan GTA to the rural economies.

REI connects newcomer job seekers and entrepreneurs with employment/business opportunities in small-town and rural Ontario. Would be of interest to those who are willing to relocate.

Who can participate?

  • Unemployed internationally trained professionals seeking employment and who are willing to relocate to a new community in Ontario
  • Skilled Permanent Residents who have a great desire to re-enter their professions, but have been forced to do unskilled jobs for a number of years
  • Permanent Residents or Convention Refugees with CLB 6 or above

Benefits to skilled professionals?

  • Get a job in your area of expertise
  • Gain knowledge of life in Canada: laws, rights, responsibilities, skills and connections related to the Canadian work environment
  • Explore the possibility of being a part of a smaller Canadian community
  • Receive information and services/attain awareness of community and other resources to deal with settlement issues
  • Get an interview opportunity

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Email: [email protected]