Through funding from the Government of Ontario, OSPE (Ontario Society of Professional Engineers) offers EV 100: Skills and Jobs in Ontario’s Environment Sector to help International Engineering Graduates integrate into Ontario’s labour market and find a rewarding career.

Course Overview

In this 6 week,48-hour program,participants have classroom instruction in two 3- hour sessions twice a week (36 hours – Tuesday and Thursday afternoons) plus 2 hours of online work per week (12 hours). Participants focus on current job trends and issues in Ontario’s environment sector and how to adapt their employment skills to pursue work in this sector. Through classroom and online resources, one-to-one career coaching, and hands-on practice of employment skills, participants will improve their workplace communication and employment skills, while learning about environment sector job trends, workplace culture, employer expectations, and self-marketing to potential employers.

EV 100 Course Focus

There are three main areas of focus in this course:

  • Ontario Environment Sector Policy Impact and Employment Trends;
  • Workplace Culture and Communication
  • Employment Preparation in the Environmental Engineering Sector.

 Course Expectations

This is a blended course which means participants will be doing online work outside of class, participating in discussion forums, a live stream presentation and reviewing information. Participants will be working on ways to “market” themselves in the environmental engineering and geoscience sectors; they will participate in hands-on practice both in class and coaching sessions.

 Course Objectives

  • Explore engineering, technology and geoscience employment opportunities in environment sectors in Ontario.
  • Explore workplace cultural and communication expectations in environment sectors in Ontario.
  • Practise job-finding skills (research and communication) to find and successfully maintain employment in environment sectors.
  • Recognize the impact of climate change and climate change policy on traditional engineering and geoscience jobs and new employment opportunities.

 Course Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will demonstrate the following skills:

  • Identify what environmental job opportunities exist in Ontario and how to find them.
  • Produce an effective résumé, cover letter and LinkedIn account for securing work in engineering or geoscience jobs in environmental sectors.
  • Strategically adapt their résumé for different jobs.
  • Market themselves appropriately in a job interview and networking situation within the context of an environmental job position.
  • Recognize generally expected workplace cultural norms for finding and retaining work in environment sectors in Ontario.
  • Research the resources to build a career in environment sectors.
  • Build a personalized Career Action Plan to continue a post course job search in environment sectors.

Course Fees

$55 +HST