The Talk English Cafe® provides newcomers with an opportunity to enhance and refine their English conversation and workplace communication skills in an informal, café-typesetting. These English conversation sessions help participants build fundamental communication skills needed to succeed in the Canadian workplace.

ACCES Employment currently offers sector-specific sessions for professionals in the Finance, Information Technology and Engineering sectors. Conversations and activities are structured to facilitate discussions with specific workplace examples, common terminology, and other sector-specific topics. Guest speakers are often invited to support the session by introducing sector topics

  • Practice your English conversation skills in a relaxed setting
  • Learn sector-specific workplace communication skills, such as engaging in small talk, understanding cultural differences and building relationships with colleagues/managers
  • Benefit from the guidance of qualified English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor who helps you improve your pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary
  • Enhance your English conversation skills through informal discussion, interaction with others and trainer-directed activities
  • Enjoy complimentary coffee at each session