Get your RED SEAL License – Find a job in your field.

Module 1: An employment preparation training course to get you ready for the workplace that includes: job search strategies; trade-specific language training; mentoring support; work experience placements and job search assistance.

Module 2: A Certificate of Qualification exam preparation course taught by qualified instructors at Humber College.  It covers Canadian codes, rules, and regulations; technical skills upgrading and exam strategies.

Post-exam support provided by Skills for Change:

  • Individual Employment Counselling
  • Connection to employers by placements and job leads
  • Connection to unions
  • Mentoring support

This program is open to internationally trained professionals who:

  • are Canadian Citizens, Landed Immigrants or Convention Refugees
  •  have a Grade 10 or equivalent education
  •  have 4-5 years of work experience in a related trade
  •  demonstrated English Language Proficiency (Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment)

The participant fee is $400. This is just a portion of the payment and the rest is paid by the government of Ontario. Material cost only ($100 – $200), Parking fees at Humber ($150.00), Examination Fees at MTCU ($150).