This course focuses on the language and socio-cultural communication requirements for working in the technology sector at CLB 6 to 8. It addresses the language and communication skills needed to obtain information about projects, processes, procedures and specifications; communicate by telephone; manage interactions with colleagues; introduce oneself in work-related situations; undertake employment and work-related interviews and network effectively. Sector background knowledge and culture relevant to the workplace context in Ontario are addressed in communication practice tasks.

On successful completion of the 180-hour OSLT course, participants will be able to demonstrate the communication skills required to carry out key functions described above within one of the technology occupations included in the course.

OSLT classes are free for those that are eligible. Students learn the communication skills needed to find and keep a job in Canada. In class, students practice dialogue and communication tasks commonly performed on the job, in their field, sector and occupation. OSLT classes are offered part-time, twice a week evenings and weekends.

To qualify for OSLT, students need:

  • Proof of status in Canada (like a Permanent Resident card). Participants must be Permanent Residents or Convention Refugees. Canadian citizens are not eligible.
  • A Canadian Language Benchmark score of 6 or higher (CLB 6 – 8).
  • A résumé with work experience or training in the specified sector.