Youth Job Connection, provided by Centre for Education & Training, is a set of services designed to assist youth between the ages of 15-29 who face multiple or serious barriers to their employment.  The program provides access to employability and employment skills and provides education/training and work experiences for youth participants.

There is no rigid benchmark for English language proficiency to enter into this program. However, CLB 4 may indicate the level required, in order to participate with other students in workshops and to be hired by employers.

Participants will receive:

  • Assessment and career development to assist youth to increase their knowledge of job and career options, the job market and themselves
  • Opportunities to develop their employability skills
  • Training and work experience to increase job readiness
  • Support for transition into employment and or training and education during or after the program

Program offers:

  • Paid pre-employment training
  • Job matching, placements with employers and wage subsidies
  • Mentoring and work transition support.
  • The Employing young talent incentive