Covid-19 update: This program was temporarily suspended in Spring, 2020.

YWCA Jump is a program for newcomer women and girls over the age of 13, including refugees. The program helps women and girls explore career options, build skills, search for jobs and integrate into Canadian society.

The program offers:

  • Skills-based training, including Basic Cashier, Food Handling, Customer Service.  (To participate in the YWCA JUMP’s training programs and events, the eligible participant must be pre-registered with JUMP.)
  • job search workshops
  • experienced employment and settlement counsellors
  • help to explore career options in the current labour market that suit your skills
  • help to learn new skills to find a job
  • opportunities to discuss goals and challenges
  • one-on-one individualized settlement and employment support
  • volunteer opportunities to gain Canadian experience and/or meet High school Community Service requirements/hours required to graduate from high school
  • youth leadership development
  • access to a computer lab and use of a printer, fax machine and photocopier
  • a welcoming women-only space

To participate in the YWCA JUMP’s training programs and events, an eligible participant must be pre-registered with JUMP

  • Cash register training
  • Customer service training
  • Food safety/handling training (to gain skills for working in the food industry)
  • Writing a resume/cover letter
  • Job interview skills
  • Retail training
  • Restaurant training
  • WHIMIS training
  • CPR/First Aid training

Special events and trips:

  • guest speakers covering a range of settlement topics
  • summer or social events/programming for girls (ages 13-30)
  • cultural celebrations and holiday parties
  • field trips to sites such as the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum

Check the monthly calendars on the download bar for upcoming workshops, training, special events and trips at the link below.