Employment services for newcomer women

For a general discussion of Employment Services on this website, see this post.

Many employment services have programs for women, but only a few have (or have recently had) specific programs for refugee newcomer women. Employment services in the GTA that do have programs for newcomer women (even if not specifically for refugees) may include:

YWCA, in Toronto, offers employment assistance specifically for newcomer women, through its JUMP and other programs.

Newcomers’ Women Services, in central Toronto, focuses its employment help on female clients, although not exclusively to newcomers. Its clients may face other barriers to employment, such as from substance addiction, houselessness, or being LGBTQ, racialized, and/or a person coping with disability.

Depanneur runs a program for refugee newcomer women, specifically, but it is food-related only. (Mes Amis used to run the Darzee program for refugee newcomer women, specifically, which was sewing-related, but this is currently not in operation.)

Various social service agencies in the GTA offer pre-employment services, such as resume and cover letter preparation, and help with job searches, applications, and interviews. The following may be of interest, as having a significant clientele among refugee women newcomers:

Many of the employment programs supported by the Government of Ontario, open to both men and women, are run by employment services and for those involving third parties, application may be required to be made through an employment service.

Women newcomer/immigrant to Canada

Programs and featured opportunities for newcomer women

Visit the Programs & Events section of this website for upcoming employment- and training-related programs, job fairs, workshops and other opportunities that are specifically tailored for newcomer women (refugee or non-refugee). Use the “Type” filter to select programs for “women”.

The following are examples of training programs which are offered in the GTA and are specifically designed for newcomer women, or even more specifically, for refugee newcomer women:

  • Customer care
  • Food preparation
  • Sewing
  • Microsoft Office skills
  • Transitions to Success
  • Childcare
  • Retail certificate
  • Self-employment
  • Preparing for work
  • Employment Success

These other programs designed for all refugee newcomers (male and female), may be of particular interest to women:

  • Beautician
  • Home child care
  • Food handler
  • Hospitality

Of course, women newcomers should also consider the many other employment- and training-related programs available, which are offered to both men and women, and may be of interest.

Job boards for women

The following job board likely includes positions that are open to men, as well as women, but by the nature of the website, all of the positions listed should be of interest to newcomer women:

Further reading on employment challenges faced by newcomer women