Local Delivery Service Drivers and Helpers

Job opportunities for local delivery and courier service drivers are plentiful as long as the correct licences are held. Many jobs are entry level and job requirements in terms of skills and English language proficiency are not stringent. This sector includes a diverse range of employers and opportunities to work as either an employee or as an owner-operator.

Long and Short Haul Truck Driving

An overview of the different types of transport driving opportunities in Canada; the pros and cons of working in the trucking industry; training programs available across Canada and a discussion of the training and licensing requirements in different provinces; the amount of experience required; English language proficiency requirements; unionization; job outlook; and stories in the media.

Taxi or Rideshare (Uber, Lyft) Driver

Occupations in this sector Driving for a taxi company or rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft is a popular employment option for newcomers. According to a study reported in The Globe and […]

Where to begin

When and what to talk about, including: pre-arrival, within a sponsorship group; and with the newcomer soon after arrival; when formulating a plan; when preparation for a job search begins; and after a first hire.

Getting a Driver’s Licence in Ontario

Why newcomers should apply for a licence as soon as possible, an explanation of G2, G1, and G level drivers licensing in Ontario, and some ways to speed up the process. Also included are links to stories in the media about newcomer frustration about how the wait rules currently apply to them, including for driving a truck.