Where to begin

When and what to talk about, including: pre-arrival, within a sponsorship group; and with the newcomer soon after arrival; when formulating a plan; when preparation for a job search begins; and after a first hire.

Using the sponsor network to find a job

Suggestions as to various ways that one or more members of a private sponsorship group can be a valuable employment resource, including by personally hiring a refugee newcomer on a full- or part-time basis, lobbying a sponsor’s own employer to make a hire, and accessing personal and professional networks. Even just setting up practice interviews in these ways can be valuable. Also, an encouragement to ensure that all sponsors and the newcomer are on the same page, as to strategy and objectives.

Women’s clothes available for professional job interviews

A challenge for many newcomer women is to have the right clothing to wear to job interviews and, once hired, for their new work environments. Dress for Success is an organization that seeks […]

Men’s clothes available for job interviews

  Greater Toronto Area Dress Your Best is operated by the Live to Give Relief Organization, the same organization that runs Dress for Success for women. The mission of Dress Your Best is […]