Where to begin

When and what to talk about, including: pre-arrival, within a sponsorship group; and with the newcomer soon after arrival; when formulating a plan; when preparation for a job search begins; and after a first hire.

Cultural sensitivities in Canada

A discussion of cultural sensitivities and expectations regarding customs such as body language, touching, personal space, customer service, working for women and with women, religious practices, eating at work, asking questions, punctuality, accountability, work product and quality, and performance evaluation.

Muslim observances that may affect work

A discussion of daily and Friday Muslim prayer rituals, the observance of Ramadan, Eid-al-Fitr, and Eid-al-Adha holidays, and workplace clothing/attire options.

Employment services

An explanation of what employment service providers do and the variety of services they offer; a list of the most frequently-mentioned employment services and other non-profit organizations in the GTA which help refugee newcomers prepare for, and find, employment; eligibility to use an employment service; and how a private sponsor or other volunteer can help a newcomer select an employment service and then collaborate with that service.

Programs for women

Information on employment services, programs, and a job board, either designed specifically for, or likely to appeal to, refugee newcomer women. Also included are links to published reports on the particular employment challenges faced by immigrant women in Canada.

Women’s clothes available for professional job interviews

A challenge for many newcomer women is to have the right clothing to wear to job interviews and, once hired, for their new work environments. Dress for Success is an organization that seeks […]