Jobs with Limited English: Tips and Advice for Newcomers

It can be challenging for newcomers to find meaningful work in Canada. The ability to communicate in English (or French, for those settling in Quebec) will be one of the most important contributors to success. It will affect the chances of being hired, of being promoted, and of being certified or licensed in many fields.

Where to begin

When and what to talk about, including: pre-arrival, within a sponsorship group; and with the newcomer soon after arrival; when formulating a plan; when preparation for a job search begins; and after a first hire.

English vs. work in the first year

Rates of advancement to be expected from English language courses; the value of achieving higher CLB levels; countering a desire to drop formal English instruction; use of video to monitor progress; opportunities to practice English with a newcomer at home and to improve English on the job.

Specialized English work vocabulary – Landscaping

Ideas on how to help newcomers learn landscaping terminology, with a list included of work-related vocabulary, organized by category (Digging tools; Gardening tools; Construction hand tools; Shears & pruning hand tools; Large power tools; Heavy equipment; Other equipment; Safety equipment and clothing; Snow & Ice-related; Striking tools; Wheelbarrows & yard carts; Fasteners; Construction materials & parts, etc.)