English vs. work in the first year

Rates of advancement to be expected from English language courses; the value of achieving higher CLB levels; countering a desire to drop formal English instruction; use of video to monitor progress; opportunities to practice English with a newcomer at home and to improve English on the job.

Specialized English work vocabulary – Landscaping

Ideas on how to help newcomers learn landscaping terminology, with a list included of work-related vocabulary, organized by category (Digging tools; Gardening tools; Construction hand tools; Shears & pruning hand tools; Large power tools; Heavy equipment; Other equipment; Safety equipment and clothing; Snow & Ice-related; Striking tools; Wheelbarrows & yard carts; Fasteners; Construction materials & parts, etc.)

Where to begin

When and what to talk about, including: pre-arrival, within a sponsorship group; and with the newcomer soon after arrival; when formulating a plan; when preparation for a job search begins; and after a first hire.