Jim Shenkman and Helga Breier, co-founders of this website, each became involved in refugee sponsorship with families from Syria who arrived in 2016. Jim has a business/entrepreneurial background in publishing and events, and Helga works in market research and marketing.

Through their experiences with the families which they were helping and in interacting with other sponsor groups and organizations, Jim and Helga recognized a lack of support for sponsors when it came to the many issues around employment. As a result, they decided to launch this site in order to help improve employment prospects for refugee newcomers.

In 2018, Helping Newcomers Work became a project of Agincourt Community Services Association (ACSA).

ACSA is a non-profit, multi-service agency. The organization, which is based in Scarborough, Ontario, addresses a variety of issues including systemic poverty, hunger, housing, homelessness, unemployment, accessibility and social isolation.

Since 2010, ACSA has been operating a Newcomer’s Centre, which serves over 5,000 newcomers every year. This project delivers a complete package of programs and services for newcomers. It responds to their settlement and integration needs through knowledge transfer, capacity-building and the creation of meaningful connections. Its goal is to promote newcomers as functional individuals, contributing to the economic, social, & cultural development of Canada.

The main office of Agincourt Community Services Association is located at:

Suite 100- 4155 Sheppard Ave East

Toronto, Ontario

M1S 1T4

Tel: 416-321-6912

Email: [email protected]